Merge upstream commit '71b96489' into master

* commit '71b96489325e5e2629464687c60f20d9905ab51c':
  Remove trailing whitespace from all files
  make more portable
  Feature/add term env dumb to win32 (#1550)
  Update link to premake
  Take CPU set limitations into account when calculating processor count
  Docs: Make builds reproducible by generating the same IDs from the same inputs
  Fix Fuchsia typo
  mark this 1.9.0.git remove unused has_path argument
  Remove outdated part about Chrome download, fix #1338
  Remove dead Chromium link, fix #1263
  Change gyp to gn

I don't expect anything here to cause problems, it was only a trivial
conflict. This stops right before the upstream dyndeps patch.

Test: treehugger
Change-Id: Ib968993b8a98e75f0ff3e32be7ac325ac3fc14ad