Avoid calling res_init() since it's a private API in bionic

In 4.3BSD, res_init() function reads the config files (resolv.conf)
to get the default domain name, search order and name server
address(es).  However, in bionic, resolv.conf is already ignored,
so it is a no-op for actual functionality.

Change-Id: Ib11fee052ff0b2bae8f5a4f036b7cdc1d1b059a2
diff --git a/netcat.c b/netcat.c
index c1d3f08..87dc269 100644
--- a/netcat.c
+++ b/netcat.c
@@ -33,7 +33,9 @@
 #if 0
 #undef _POSIX_SOURCE		/* might need this for something? */
+#if !defined(ANDROID)
 #define HAVE_BIND		/* ASSUMPTION -- seems to work everywhere! */
 #define HAVE_HELP		/* undefine if you dont want the help text */
 #if 0
 #define ANAL			/* if you want case-sensitive DNS matching */