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The NEON_2_SSE.h file is intended to simplify ARM->IA32 porting. It makes the correspondence (or a real port) between ARM NEON intrinsics (as defined in “arm_neon.h”) header and x86 SSE (up to SSE4.2) intrinsic functions as defined in corresponding x86 compilers headers files.

To take advantage of this file just include it in your project that uses ARM NEON intinsics instead of “arm_neon.h”, compile it as usual and enjoy the result.

For significant performance improvement in some cases you might need to define USE_SSE4 in your project settings. Otherwise SIMD up to SSSE3 to be used.

If NEON2SSE_DISABLE_PERFORMANCE_WARNING macro is defined, then the performance warnings are disabled.

For more information and license please read the NEON_2_SSE.h content.