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The NanumGothicBold.ttf and NanumGothic.ttf fonts in this directory are
modified versions of the NanumGothicBold.ttf and NanumGothic.ttf fonts
from Because these fonts ship with
DroidSansFallback.ttf (which contains an extensive collection of Chinese
glyphs as well as other non-Korean characters) and because these fonts
will ship on Android devices which do not use hints, the following changes
were made to reduce the size of the NanumGothicBold.ttf and NanumGothic.ttf
font files:
1. Remove 4,888 Chinese characters
2. Remove non-Korean characters other than ASCII (up to U+007F)
3. Remove hints
4. Passing the fonts through Noto's identical subsetter (that also converts
the post table to version 3.0)
Shawn Kwon at NHN <> has given permission to use the reserved
font name with these modified versions of NanumGothicBold.ttf and
NanumGothic.ttf in the following email:
To: Raph Levien , Dave Crossland
Subject: Permission to use Reserved Font Names
I hereby grant permission in perpetuity to Google, Inc and affiliates
to use the following Reserved Font Names declared in my SIL Open Font
Licence notices:
Naver Nanum
Naver NanumGothic
Naver NanumMyeongjo
Naver NanumBrush
Naver NanumPen
Best regards,
Shawn Kwon at NHN