Integrate upstream changes to 2.2.0.
am: f47b11cc8e

* commit 'f47b11cc8e8e27f27d1772c18f09135a948dd59f': (179 commits)
  [maven-release-plugin] prepare release nanohttpd-project-2.2.0
  added some descriptions to the pom
  code formating #253
  add a gradle dependecy description #222
  Decode headers before write remote-addr
  Rename NanoWebSocketServer to NanoWSD.
  attempt to fix the test
  Detached the WebSocket from the Server: It makes more sense if each socket knows how to handle itself.
  Updated WebSocket class to handle itself in an overridable manner.
  Added more tests; all coverage checks are met now.
  Added SSLServerSocketFactoryTest; Fixed non-static classes and wrong return.
  read the encode request header exact fix #240
  Added ServerSocketFactory JUnit test
  encoded multipart requests #240
  little imp correction and more test coverage #243
  Fix: strange compilation error
  Unit test - NanoHttpd throws an exception if temp directory doesn't exist #243
  Fix: Issue #243 : NanoHttpd throws an exception if temp directory doesn't exist #243
  Allows WebSocket servers to easily override default HTTP behavior.
  Fix content-length not being parsed as long
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+Version: 2.1.0
+BugComponent: 31808