Merge remote-tracking branch 'aosp/upstream-master'

* aosp/upstream-master:
  define NULL as nullptr when used in C++11 or later
  fix hwcap access in powerpc-sf setjmp/longjmp
  fix struct layout mismatch in sound ioctl time32 fallback conversion
  add qsort_r and make qsort a wrapper around it
  add SPE FPU support to powerpc-sf
  fix undefined behavior in getdelim via null pointer arithmetic and memcpy
  fix excessively slow TLS performance on some mips models
  fix error checking in pthread_getname_np
  fix libc-internal signal blocking on mips archs
  fix broken struct shmid_ds on powerpc (32-bit)
  math: fix fmaf not to depend on FE_TOWARDZERO
  fix TZ parsing logic for identifying POSIX-form strings

Bug: 190084016
Test: m USE_HOST_MUSL=true host-native -k
Change-Id: I641feb217fc35f012ac1911e5294a4af63182816