riscv32: add arch headers

These are mostly copied from riscv64. _Addr and _Reg had to become int
to match compiler-controlled parts of the ABI (result type of sizeof,
etc.). There is no kernel stat struct; the userspace stat matches
glibc in the sizes and offsets of all fields (including glibc's
__dev_t __pad1). The jump buffer is 12 words larger to account for 12
saved double-precision floats; additionally it should be 64-bit
aligned to save doubles.

The syscall list was significantly revised by deleting all time32 and
pre-statx syscalls, and renaming several syscalls that have different
names depending on __BITS_PER_LONG, notably mmap2 and _llseek.

futex was added as an alias to futex_time64 since it is widely used by
software which does not pass time arguments.
17 files changed