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MS TPM 2.0 Reference Implementation

Build Status

This is the official TCG reference implementation of the TPM 2.0 Specification. The project contains complete source code of the reference implementation with a Microsoft Visual Studio solution and Linux autotools build scripts.

See the definition of the SPEC_VERSION, SPEC_YEAR and SPEC_DAY_OF_YEAR values in the TpmTypes.h header for the exact revision/date of the TPM 2.0 specification, which the given source tree snapshot corresponds to.

Visual Studio build

Before building the Visual Studio solution:

  1. Uncomment and update the definitions of the following macros in the VendorString.h header:
  1. Setup the underlying cryptographic library:

OpenSSL library

  1. Create TPMCmd/lib folder and place a static OpenSSL library (libeay32.lib or libcrypto.lib) there. This may be either complete static library, or import library accompanying the corresponding DLL. In the latter case you'll need to copy the OpenSSL DLL into the standard Windows search path, so that it is available when you run the simulator executable (e.g. copy it into the same folder where simulator.exe is located).

    If you use libcrypto.lib, you'll need to either update Linker|Input|Additional Dependencies property of the Tpm project in the simulator solution or, alternatively, rename libcrypto.lib to libeay32.lib.

    Recommended version of OpenSSL is 1.0.2d or higher.

  2. Create TPMCmd/OsslInclude/openssl folder and copy there the contents of the openssl/include/openssl folder of the OpenSSL source tree used to build the static library used on the step 2).

  3. Build the solution with either Debug or Release as the active configuration.

Wolfcrypt library (wolfSSL)

  1. WolfSSL is included as a submodule. Initialize and update the submodule to fetch the project and checkout the appropriate commit.

     > git submodule init
     > git submodule update

    The current commit will point the minimum recommended version of wolfSSL. Moving to a more recent tag or commit should also be supported but might not be tested.

  2. Build the solution with either WolfDebug or WolfRelease as the active configuration, either from inside the Visual Studio or with the following command line:

     > msbuild TPMCmd\simulator.sln /p:Configuration=WolfDebug

Linux build

Follows the common ./bootstrap && ./configure && make convention.

Note that autotools scripts require the following prerequisite packages: autoconf-archive, pkg-config. Their absence is not automatically detected. The build also requires libssl-dev package to be installed.