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  8. 013c8c3 Merge "mksh: allow -fstack-protector-strong." am: 73cd92e91b by Elliott Hughes · 4 months ago
  9. 73cd92e Merge "mksh: allow -fstack-protector-strong." by Treehugger Robot · 4 months ago
  10. 373b930 mksh: allow -fstack-protector-strong. by Elliott Hughes · 4 months ago
  11. 1b542a2 Merge "shell is available to the recovery mode" am: 9a3038ba35 am: dc008fa6f6 by Jiyong Park · 9 months ago master-cuttlefish-testing-release oreo-mr1-1.2-iot-release android-o-mr1-iot-release-1.0.3 android-o-mr1-iot-release-1.0.4 android-o-mr1-iot-release-1.0.5 android-o-mr1-iot-release-smart-display-r3
  12. dc008fa Merge "shell is available to the recovery mode" am: 9a3038ba35 by Jiyong Park · 9 months ago
  13. 9a3038b Merge "shell is available to the recovery mode" by Treehugger Robot · 9 months ago android-n-iot-release-smart-display android-n-iot-release-smart-display-r2 android-o-mr1-iot-release-1.0.2 android-p-preview-4 android-p-preview-5
  14. 85b4d48 shell is available to the recovery mode by Jiyong Park · 9 months ago
  15. 9881fd1 Merge "mkshrc: set +o nohup." am: 827d6b8caf am: 99c379cc0a by Josh Gao · 11 months ago
  16. 99c379c Merge "mkshrc: set +o nohup." am: 827d6b8caf by Josh Gao · 11 months ago
  17. 827d6b8 Merge "mkshrc: set +o nohup." by Josh Gao · 11 months ago o-mr1-iot-preview-8 android-n-iot-release-lg-thinq-wk7 android-n-iot-release-polk-at1 android-o-mr1-iot-preview-8 android-o-mr1-iot-release-1.0.0 android-o-mr1-iot-release-1.0.1 android-p-preview-2 android-p-preview-3 android-wear-p-preview-2
  18. 0e165c5 mkshrc: set +o nohup. by Josh Gao · 11 months ago
  19. 1a0c2aa Snap for 4598635 from 034f947f03e15c6f73bda708c5488042a98928ca to pi-release by android-build-team Robot · 1 year ago pie-cts-release pie-cuttlefish-testing pie-gsi pie-platform-release pie-r2-release pie-r2-s1-release pie-r2-s2-release pie-release pie-release-2 pie-s2-release pie-vts-release android-9.0.0_r1 android-9.0.0_r10 android-9.0.0_r17 android-9.0.0_r18 android-9.0.0_r2 android-9.0.0_r3 android-9.0.0_r5 android-9.0.0_r6 android-9.0.0_r7 android-9.0.0_r8 android-9.0.0_r9 android-cts-9.0_r1 android-cts-9.0_r2 android-cts-9.0_r3 android-cts-9.0_r4 android-cts-9.0_r5 android-cts-9.0_r6 android-vts-9.0_r4 android-vts-9.0_r5 android-vts-9.0_r6 android-wear-9.0.0_r1 android-wear-9.0.0_r2 android-wear-9.0.0_r3
  20. 034f947 Merge "Upgrade to mksh R56c." am: 0c3dc4139a am: 7b388008f5 am: c9786cca25 by Elliott Hughes · 1 year ago pie-dev pie-dr1-dev pie-dr1-release pie-qpr1-release pie-qpr1-s1-release pie-qpr1-s2-release pie-qpr1-s3-release pie-qpr2-release android-9.0.0_r11 android-9.0.0_r12 android-9.0.0_r16 android-9.0.0_r19 android-9.0.0_r20 android-9.0.0_r21 android-9.0.0_r22 android-9.0.0_r30 android-9.0.0_r31 android-9.0.0_r32 android-9.0.0_r33