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<title>Linux Test Project - Results</title>
<h1>LTP Output/Log </h1>
<table border="1" cellspacing="3">
<td bgcolor="#66ff66"><b>&nbsp;PASSED&nbsp;</b></td>
<td bgcolor="#ff0000"><b>&nbsp;FAILED&nbsp;</b></td>
<td bgcolor="Fuchsia"><b>&nbsp;WARNING&nbsp;</b></td>
<td bgcolor="Yellow"><b>&nbsp;BROKEN&nbsp;</b></td>
<td bgcolor="#8dc997"><b>&nbsp;RETIRED&nbsp;</b></td>
<td bgcolor="Aqua"><b>&nbsp;CONFIG-ERROR&nbsp;</b></td>
<b>Meaning of the following KEYWORDS in test results/logs:</b>
<li><b>TPASS -</b> Indicates that the test case had the expected result and passed</li>
<li><b>TFAIL -</b> Indicates that the test case had an unexpected result and failed.</li>
<li><b>TBROK -</b> Indicates that the remaining test cases are broken and will not execute correctly, because some precondition not met, such as a resource not being available.</li>
<li><b>TCONF -</b> Indicates that the test case was not written to run on the current harware or software configuration such as machine type, or, kernel version.</li>
<li><b>TWARN -</b> Indicates that the test case experienced an unexpected or undesirable event that should not affect the test itself such as being unable to cleanup resources after the test finished.</li>
<li><b>TINFO -</b> Specifies useful information about the status of the test that does not affect the result and does not indicate a problem.</li>
<li><a href="#_1">Click Here for Detailed Report</a></li>
<li><a href="#_2">Click Here for Summary Report</a></li>
<h2 id="_1">Detailed Report</h2>
<table border="1" cellspacing="3">
<td bgcolor="Silver"><strong>No</strong></td>
<td bgcolor="Silver"><strong>Test-Name</strong></td>
<td bgcolor="Silver"><strong>Start-Time</strong></td>
<td bgcolor="Silver"><strong>Command-Line</strong></td>
<td bgcolor="Silver"><strong>Contacts</strong></td>
<td bgcolor="Silver"><strong>Analysis</strong></td>
<td bgcolor="Silver"><strong>Test-Output</strong></td>
<td bgcolor="Silver"><strong>Initiation-Status</strong></td>
<td bgcolor="Silver"><strong>Duration</strong></td>
<td bgcolor="Silver"><strong>Termination-type</strong></td>
<td bgcolor="Silver"><strong>Termination-id</strong></td>
<td bgcolor="Silver"><strong>Core-File</strong></td>
<td bgcolor="Silver"><strong>cutime</strong></td>
<td bgcolor="Silver"><strong>cstime</strong></td>