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Lohit Fonts Project
Scripts Usage:-
Lohit CVS is now included with 2 shell scripts
Once you checkout the .sfd files from lohit CVS, you just need to execute this script
and you will get all .ttf files in respective language directory. You can then install those font files
by copying them to ~/.fonts directory. Then execute fc-cache command and then relogin to use that font.
Use this script to generate upstream tarball used by fonts-indic SPEC to build rpms.
To generate lohit-lang-$version.tar.gz follow steps as
1) Anonymous CVS access
$ svn co
1) cd lohit
2) sh
You will get upstream tarball used to build lohit-fonts-$version-1 rpm.
NOTE:- This script can be used only from 2.1.1 and above version of this package.