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* Library: lmfit (Levenberg-Marquardt least squares fitting)
* File: lmcurve.c
* Contents: Implements lmcurve, a simplified API for curve fitting
* using the generic Levenberg-Marquardt routine lmmin.
* Copyright: Joachim Wuttke, Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH (2004-2013)
* License: see ../COPYING (FreeBSD)
* Homepage:
* Note to programmers: Don't patch and fork, but copy and variate!
* If you need to compute residues differently, then please do not patch
* lmcurve.c, but copy it to a differently named file, and rename lmcurve(),
* lmcurve_evaluate() and lmcurve_data_struct before adapting them to your
* needs, like we have done in lmcurve_tyd.c.
#include "lmmin.h"
typedef struct {
const double* t;
const double* y;
double (*f)(const double t, const double* par);
} lmcurve_data_struct;
void lmcurve_evaluate(
const double* par, const int m_dat, const void* data, double* fvec,
int* info)
lmcurve_data_struct* D = (lmcurve_data_struct*)data;
int i;
for (i = 0; i < m_dat; i++)
fvec[i] = D->y[i] - D->f(D->t[i], par);
void lmcurve(
const int n_par, double* par, const int m_dat,
const double* t, const double* y,
double (*f)(const double t, const double* par),
const lm_control_struct* control, lm_status_struct* status)
lmcurve_data_struct data = { t, y, f };
lmmin(n_par, par, m_dat, (const void*)&data, lmcurve_evaluate,
control, status);