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//===-- Vectorize.h - Vectorization Transformations -------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// This header file defines prototypes for accessor functions that expose passes
// in the Vectorize transformations library.
namespace llvm {
class BasicBlock;
class BasicBlockPass;
class Pass;
/// @brief Vectorize configuration.
struct VectorizeConfig {
// Target architecture related parameters
/// @brief The size of the native vector registers.
unsigned VectorBits;
/// @brief Vectorize boolean values.
bool VectorizeBools;
/// @brief Vectorize integer values.
bool VectorizeInts;
/// @brief Vectorize floating-point values.
bool VectorizeFloats;
/// @brief Vectorize pointer values.
bool VectorizePointers;
/// @brief Vectorize casting (conversion) operations.
bool VectorizeCasts;
/// @brief Vectorize floating-point math intrinsics.
bool VectorizeMath;
/// @brief Vectorize bit intrinsics.
bool VectorizeBitManipulations;
/// @brief Vectorize the fused-multiply-add intrinsic.
bool VectorizeFMA;
/// @brief Vectorize select instructions.
bool VectorizeSelect;
/// @brief Vectorize comparison instructions.
bool VectorizeCmp;
/// @brief Vectorize getelementptr instructions.
bool VectorizeGEP;
/// @brief Vectorize loads and stores.
bool VectorizeMemOps;
/// @brief Only generate aligned loads and stores.
bool AlignedOnly;
// Misc parameters
/// @brief The required chain depth for vectorization.
unsigned ReqChainDepth;
/// @brief The maximum search distance for instruction pairs.
unsigned SearchLimit;
/// @brief The maximum number of candidate pairs with which to use a full
/// cycle check.
unsigned MaxCandPairsForCycleCheck;
/// @brief Replicating one element to a pair breaks the chain.
bool SplatBreaksChain;
/// @brief The maximum number of pairable instructions per group.
unsigned MaxInsts;
/// @brief The maximum number of candidate instruction pairs per group.
unsigned MaxPairs;
/// @brief The maximum number of pairing iterations.
unsigned MaxIter;
/// @brief Don't try to form odd-length vectors.
bool Pow2LenOnly;
/// @brief Don't boost the chain-depth contribution of loads and stores.
bool NoMemOpBoost;
/// @brief Use a fast instruction dependency analysis.
bool FastDep;
/// @brief Initialize the VectorizeConfig from command line options.
// BBVectorize - A basic-block vectorization pass.
BasicBlockPass *
createBBVectorizePass(const VectorizeConfig &C = VectorizeConfig());
// LoopVectorize - Create a loop vectorization pass.
Pass *createLoopVectorizePass(bool NoUnrolling = false,
bool AlwaysVectorize = true);
// SLPVectorizer - Create a bottom-up SLP vectorizer pass.
Pass *createSLPVectorizerPass();
/// @brief Vectorize the BasicBlock.
/// @param BB The BasicBlock to be vectorized
/// @param P The current running pass, should require AliasAnalysis and
/// ScalarEvolution. After the vectorization, AliasAnalysis,
/// ScalarEvolution and CFG are preserved.
/// @return True if the BB is changed, false otherwise.
bool vectorizeBasicBlock(Pass *P, BasicBlock &BB,
const VectorizeConfig &C = VectorizeConfig());
} // End llvm namespace