libvpx: Cherry-pick 1961a92 from upstream

Description from upstream:
vp9,tile_worker_hook: correctly set jmp target

vp9_init_macroblockd() resets the error_info to cm's global copy; this
needs to be set to the thread-level target to avoid jumping to the
incorrect stack, resulting in hang or crash.
broken since:
1f4a6c8 vp9/tile_worker_hook: add multiple tile decoding
includes v1.5.0, v1.6.0

Bug: 32589224
Change-Id: Iab62663fcfa9db2a5ef4bb8de6d9ef1c17d0c882
(cherry picked from commit d620aa3a2907f6bf218425c98c89426036c80e47)
(cherry picked from commit 57e9ae1497cab99b0c87847a64055242deb396df)
1 file changed