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Name: libvpx
Version: v1.5.0
License: BSD
License File: libvpx/LICENSE
Date: Thursday November 19 2015
Branch: javanwhistlingduck
Commit: cbecf57f3e0d85a7b7f97f3ab7c507f6fe640a93
Contains the sources used to compile libvpx.
The libvpx source is from
Notes on updating libvpx source code:
Please follow these steps to update libvpx source code:
1. Update libvpx source tree. Look for "Current HEAD: <hash>" output to update Look for "git log from upstream: <git log>" output to add
to the commit message.
./ [branch name]
2. Generate updated .gypi and config files.
3. Update this file with any Version, Date, Branch, or Commit changes. The
version is in the file source/config/vpx_version.h
4. Remove the following unwanted files/directories:
* external/libvpx/libvpx/vp10
5. Commit the changes. The commit message should look like this and is printed
libvpx: Pull from upstream
Current HEAD: <hash>
git log from upstream:
a6b2070 <git commit message 1>
08dabbc <git commit message 2>
c29fb02 <git commit message 3>
Tools needed to build libvpx:
Generate config files that contain the source list for each platform.
Configuration for the build is taken from vpx_config.h for each platform.
A tool to verify vpx_config.h and vpx_config.asm are matched. This also
prints the final configuration after checking.