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This is the io_uring library, liburing. liburing provides helpers to setup and
teardown io_uring instances, and also a simplified interface for
applications that don't need (or want) to deal with the full kernel
side implementation.
For more info on io_uring, please see:
Subscribe to for io_uring related discussions
and development for both kernel and userspace. The list is archived here:
ulimit settings
io_uring accounts memory it needs under the rlimit memlocked option, which
can be quite low on some setups (64K). The default is usually enough for
most use cases, but bigger rings or things like registered buffers deplete
it quickly. root isn't under this restriction, but regular users are. Going
into detail on how to bump the limit on various systems is beyond the scope
of this little blurb, but check /etc/security/limits.conf for user specific
settings, or /etc/systemd/user.conf and /etc/systemd/system.conf for systemd
Regressions tests
The bulk of liburing is actually regression/unit tests for both liburing and
the kernel io_uring support. Please note that this suite isn't expected to
pass on older kernels, and may even crash or hang older kernels!
All software contained within this repo is dual licensed LGPL and MIT, see
COPYING and LICENSE, except for a header coming from the kernel which is
dual licensed GPL with a Linux-syscall-note exception and MIT, see
Jens Axboe 2020-01-20