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# Copyright 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""A utility to run functions with timeouts and retries."""
# pylint: disable=W0702
import logging
import threading
import time
from devil.utils import reraiser_thread
from devil.utils import watchdog_timer
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class TimeoutRetryThreadGroup(reraiser_thread.ReraiserThreadGroup):
def __init__(self, timeout, threads=None):
super(TimeoutRetryThreadGroup, self).__init__(threads)
self._watcher = watchdog_timer.WatchdogTimer(timeout)
def GetWatcher(self):
"""Returns the watchdog keeping track of this thread's time."""
return self._watcher
def GetElapsedTime(self):
return self._watcher.GetElapsed()
def GetRemainingTime(self, required=0, msg=None):
"""Get the remaining time before the thread times out.
Useful to send as the |timeout| parameter of async IO operations.
required: minimum amount of time that will be required to complete, e.g.,
some sleep or IO operation.
msg: error message to show if timing out.
The number of seconds remaining before the thread times out, or None
if the thread never times out.
reraiser_thread.TimeoutError if the remaining time is less than the
required time.
remaining = self._watcher.GetRemaining()
if remaining is not None and remaining < required:
if msg is None:
msg = 'Timeout expired'
if remaining > 0:
msg += (', wait of %.1f secs required but only %.1f secs left'
% (required, remaining))
raise reraiser_thread.TimeoutError(msg)
return remaining
def CurrentTimeoutThreadGroup():
"""Returns the thread group that owns or is blocked on the active thread.
Returns None if no TimeoutRetryThreadGroup is tracking the current thread.
thread_group = reraiser_thread.CurrentThreadGroup()
while thread_group:
if isinstance(thread_group, TimeoutRetryThreadGroup):
return thread_group
thread_group = thread_group.blocked_parent_thread_group
return None
def WaitFor(condition, wait_period=5, max_tries=None):
"""Wait for a condition to become true.
Repeatedly call the function condition(), with no arguments, until it returns
a true value.
If called within a TimeoutRetryThreadGroup, it cooperates nicely with it.
condition: function with the condition to check
wait_period: number of seconds to wait before retrying to check the
max_tries: maximum number of checks to make, the default tries forever
or until the TimeoutRetryThreadGroup expires.
The true value returned by the condition, or None if the condition was
not met after max_tries.
reraiser_thread.TimeoutError: if the current thread is a
TimeoutRetryThreadGroup and the timeout expires.
condition_name = condition.__name__
timeout_thread_group = CurrentTimeoutThreadGroup()
while max_tries is None or max_tries > 0:
result = condition()
if max_tries is not None:
max_tries -= 1
msg = ['condition', repr(condition_name), 'met' if result else 'not met']
if timeout_thread_group:
# pylint: disable=no-member
msg.append('(%.1fs)' % timeout_thread_group.GetElapsedTime())' '.join(msg))
if result:
return result
if timeout_thread_group:
# pylint: disable=no-member
msg='Timed out waiting for %r' % condition_name)
return None
def AlwaysRetry(_exception):
return True
def Run(func, timeout, retries, args=None, kwargs=None, desc=None,
error_log_func=logging.critical, retry_if_func=AlwaysRetry):
"""Runs the passed function in a separate thread with timeouts and retries.
func: the function to be wrapped.
timeout: the timeout in seconds for each try.
retries: the number of retries.
args: list of positional args to pass to |func|.
kwargs: dictionary of keyword args to pass to |func|.
desc: An optional description of |func| used in logging. If omitted,
|func.__name__| will be used.
error_log_func: Logging function when logging errors.
retry_if_func: Unary callable that takes an exception and returns
whether |func| should be retried. Defaults to always retrying.
The return value of func(*args, **kwargs).
if not args:
args = []
if not kwargs:
kwargs = {}
if not desc:
desc = func.__name__
num_try = 1
while True:
thread_name = 'TimeoutThread-%d-for-%s' % (num_try,
child_thread = reraiser_thread.ReraiserThread(lambda: func(*args, **kwargs),
thread_group = TimeoutRetryThreadGroup(timeout, threads=[child_thread])
while True:
thread_group.JoinAll(watcher=thread_group.GetWatcher(), timeout=60,
if thread_group.IsAlive():'Still working on %s', desc)
return thread_group.GetAllReturnValues()[0]
except reraiser_thread.TimeoutError as e:
# Timeouts already get their stacks logged.
if num_try > retries or not retry_if_func(e):
# Do not catch KeyboardInterrupt.
except Exception as e: # pylint: disable=broad-except
if num_try > retries or not retry_if_func(e):
'(%s) Exception on %s, attempt %d of %d: %r',
thread_name, desc, num_try, retries + 1, e)
num_try += 1