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# Copyright 2014 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import imp
import os.path
import sys
import unittest
def _GetDirAbove(dirname):
"""Returns the directory "above" this file containing |dirname| (which must
also be "above" this file)."""
path = os.path.abspath(__file__)
while True:
path, tail = os.path.split(path)
assert tail
if tail == dirname:
return path
except ImportError:
sys.path.append(os.path.join(_GetDirAbove("pylib"), "pylib"))
import mojom.parse.ast as ast
class _TestNode(ast.NodeBase):
"""Node type for tests."""
def __init__(self, value, **kwargs):
super(_TestNode, self).__init__(**kwargs)
self.value = value
def __eq__(self, other):
return super(_TestNode, self).__eq__(other) and self.value == other.value
class _TestNodeList(ast.NodeListBase):
"""Node list type for tests."""
_list_item_type = _TestNode
class ASTTest(unittest.TestCase):
"""Tests various AST classes."""
def testNodeBase(self):
# Test |__eq__()|; this is only used for testing, where we want to do
# comparison by value and ignore filenames/line numbers (for convenience).
node1 = ast.NodeBase(filename="hello.mojom", lineno=123)
node2 = ast.NodeBase()
self.assertEquals(node1, node2)
self.assertEquals(node2, node1)
# Check that |__ne__()| just defers to |__eq__()| properly.
self.assertFalse(node1 != node2)
self.assertFalse(node2 != node1)
# Check that |filename| and |lineno| are set properly (and are None by
# default).
self.assertEquals(node1.filename, "hello.mojom")
self.assertEquals(node1.lineno, 123)
# |NodeBase|'s |__eq__()| should compare types (and a subclass's |__eq__()|
# should first defer to its superclass's).
node3 = _TestNode(123)
self.assertNotEqual(node1, node3)
self.assertNotEqual(node3, node1)
# Also test |__eq__()| directly.
self.assertFalse(node1 == node3)
self.assertFalse(node3 == node1)
node4 = _TestNode(123, filename="world.mojom", lineno=123)
self.assertEquals(node4, node3)
node5 = _TestNode(456)
self.assertNotEquals(node5, node4)
def testNodeListBase(self):
node1 = _TestNode(1, filename="foo.mojom", lineno=1)
# Equal to, but not the same as, |node1|:
node1b = _TestNode(1, filename="foo.mojom", lineno=1)
node2 = _TestNode(2, filename="foo.mojom", lineno=2)
nodelist1 = _TestNodeList() # Contains: (empty).
self.assertEquals(nodelist1, nodelist1)
self.assertEquals(nodelist1.items, [])
nodelist2 = _TestNodeList(node1) # Contains: 1.
self.assertEquals(nodelist2, nodelist2)
self.assertEquals(nodelist2.items, [node1])
self.assertNotEqual(nodelist2, nodelist1)
self.assertEquals(nodelist2.filename, "foo.mojom")
self.assertEquals(nodelist2.lineno, 1)
nodelist3 = _TestNodeList([node2]) # Contains: 2.
self.assertEquals(nodelist3.items, [node2])
self.assertNotEqual(nodelist3, nodelist1)
self.assertNotEqual(nodelist3, nodelist2)
self.assertEquals(nodelist3.filename, "foo.mojom")
self.assertEquals(nodelist3.lineno, 2)
nodelist1.Append(node1b) # Contains: 1.
self.assertEquals(nodelist1.items, [node1])
self.assertEquals(nodelist1, nodelist2)
self.assertNotEqual(nodelist1, nodelist3)
self.assertEquals(nodelist1.filename, "foo.mojom")
self.assertEquals(nodelist1.lineno, 1)
nodelist1.Append(node2) # Contains: 1, 2.
self.assertEquals(nodelist1.items, [node1, node2])
self.assertNotEqual(nodelist1, nodelist2)
self.assertNotEqual(nodelist1, nodelist3)
self.assertEquals(nodelist1.lineno, 1)
nodelist2.Append(node2) # Contains: 1, 2.
self.assertEquals(nodelist2.items, [node1, node2])
self.assertEquals(nodelist2, nodelist1)
self.assertNotEqual(nodelist2, nodelist3)
self.assertEquals(nodelist2.lineno, 1)
nodelist3.Insert(node1) # Contains: 1, 2.
self.assertEquals(nodelist3.items, [node1, node2])
self.assertEquals(nodelist3, nodelist1)
self.assertEquals(nodelist3, nodelist2)
self.assertEquals(nodelist3.lineno, 1)
# Test iteration:
i = 1
for item in nodelist1:
self.assertEquals(item.value, i)
i += 1