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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
module mojo.test;
// TODO(yzshen): Rename *WithTraits* types to something more readable.
struct NestedStructWithTraits {
int32 value;
enum EnumWithTraits {
struct StructWithTraits {
EnumWithTraits f_enum;
bool f_bool;
uint32 f_uint32;
uint64 f_uint64;
string f_string;
string f_string2;
array<string> f_string_array;
array<string> f_string_set;
NestedStructWithTraits f_struct;
array<NestedStructWithTraits> f_struct_array;
map<string, NestedStructWithTraits> f_struct_map;
// Test that this container can be cloned.
struct StructWithTraitsContainer {
StructWithTraits f_struct;
// Maps to a pass-by-value trivial struct.
struct TrivialStructWithTraits {
int32 value;
// Maps to a move-only struct.
struct MoveOnlyStructWithTraits {
handle f_handle;
// The custom type for MoveOnlyStructWithTraits is not clonable. Test that
// this container can compile as long as Clone() is not used.
struct MoveOnlyStructWithTraitsContainer {
MoveOnlyStructWithTraits f_struct;
struct StructWithTraitsForUniquePtr {
int32 f_int32;
union UnionWithTraits {
int32 f_int32;
NestedStructWithTraits f_struct;
interface TraitsTestService {
EchoStructWithTraits(StructWithTraits s) => (StructWithTraits passed);
EchoTrivialStructWithTraits(TrivialStructWithTraits s) =>
(TrivialStructWithTraits passed);
EchoMoveOnlyStructWithTraits(MoveOnlyStructWithTraits s) =>
(MoveOnlyStructWithTraits passed);
EchoNullableMoveOnlyStructWithTraits(MoveOnlyStructWithTraits? s) =>
(MoveOnlyStructWithTraits? passed);
EchoEnumWithTraits(EnumWithTraits e) => (EnumWithTraits passed);
EchoStructWithTraitsForUniquePtr(StructWithTraitsForUniquePtr e) => (
StructWithTraitsForUniquePtr passed);
EchoNullableStructWithTraitsForUniquePtr(StructWithTraitsForUniquePtr? e) => (
StructWithTraitsForUniquePtr? passed);
EchoUnionWithTraits(UnionWithTraits u) => (UnionWithTraits passed);