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If this is a combined source/binary distribution tree, then you can find
* the binary DLL in the subdirectory binary/bin/
* the include files in the subdirectory binary/include/
As for building libexif yourself on or for Win32, you can
a) hack yourself a build system somehow
This seems to be the Windows way of doing things.
b) Use MinGW32
If you use MinGW32 (including MSYS) on Windows, building libexif should
follow the usual pattern of
make install
as for any Unix like system and you can just follow the general
Something neat to do is to use a MinGW32 cross compiler on a Unix
system (Debian ships one for example). Then you can run
./configure --host=i586-mingw32msvc --disable-nls
make install
If you want to build a combined source/binary distribution tarball/zipfile,
then add the --enable-ship-binaries option to the ./configure command line.