LICENSE: change license to MIT

In the spirit of 70df7aaa lets change the license again, this time to


	On 23:15 Tue 10 Apr 2012, Lennart Poettering wrote:
	> On Mon, 09.04.12 14:51, Brandon Philips ( wrote:
	> > I am working on a daemon and it would be great to use libdaemon.
	> > However, the project is Apache licensed and I have no idea how they
	> > interact. Is it at all possible to dual license LGPL/BSD or LGPL/Apache?
	> >
	> >
	> heya. I am not such a big fan of the BSD licenses myself, but I guess in
	> this case it is OK.

	Yea :-/

	> The only major other contributor seems to be Diego Pettenò who should be
	> OK with such a change. I'll ask him.

	Great, thank you.

	> Would you be OK with MIT as well?

	Yes, the MIT license works too.
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