Fix overload sets of strchr, strpbrk, strrchr, memchr and strstr from
<string.h> and wcschr, wcspbrk, wcsrchr, wmemchr, and wcsstr from <wchar.h> to
provide a const-correct overload set even when the underlying C library does

This change adds a new macro, _LIBCPP_PREFERRED_OVERLOAD, which (if defined)
specifies that a given overload is a better match than an otherwise equally
good function declaration without the overload. This is implemented in modern
versions of Clang via __attribute__((enable_if)), and not elsewhere.

We use this new macro to define overloads in the global namespace for these
functions that displace the overloads provided by the C library, unless we
believe the C library is already providing the correct signatures.

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