Fix warnings about pessimizing return moves for C++11 and higher

Throughout the libc++ headers, there are a few instances where
_VSTD::move() is used to return a local variable.  Howard commented in
r189039 that these were there "for non-obvious reasons such as to help
things limp along in C++03 language mode".

However, when compiling these headers with warnings on, and in C++11 or
higher mode (like we do in FreeBSD), they cause the following complaints
about pessimizing moves:

    In file included from tests.cpp:26:
    In file included from tests.hpp:29:
    /usr/include/c++/v1/map:1368:12: error: moving a local object in a return statement prevents copy elision [-Werror,-Wpessimizing-move]
        return _VSTD::move(__h);  // explicitly moved for C++03
    /usr/include/c++/v1/__config:368:15: note: expanded from macro '_VSTD'
    #define _VSTD std::_LIBCPP_NAMESPACE

Attempt to fix this by adding a _LIBCPP_EXPLICIT_MOVE() macro to
__config, which gets defined to _VSTD::move for pre-C++11, and to
nothing for C++11 and later.

I am not completely satisfied with the macro name (I also considered
_LIBCPP_COMPAT_MOVE and some other variants), so suggestions are
welcome. :)

Reviewers: mclow.lists, howard.hinnant, EricWF

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