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# -*- Python -*- vim: set syntax=python tabstop=4 expandtab cc=80:
# The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
# This file is dual licensed under the MIT and the University of Illinois Open
# Source Licenses. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
diff - A set of functions for diff-ing two symbol lists.
from libcxx.sym_check import util
def _symbol_difference(lhs, rhs):
lhs_names = set((n['name'] for n in lhs))
rhs_names = set((n['name'] for n in rhs))
diff_names = lhs_names - rhs_names
return [n for n in lhs if n['name'] in diff_names]
def _find_by_key(sym_list, k):
for sym in sym_list:
if sym['name'] == k:
return sym
return None
def added_symbols(old, new):
return _symbol_difference(new, old)
def removed_symbols(old, new):
return _symbol_difference(old, new)
def changed_symbols(old, new):
changed = []
for old_sym in old:
if old_sym in new:
new_sym = _find_by_key(new, old_sym['name'])
if (new_sym is not None and not new_sym in old
and old_sym != new_sym):
changed += [(old_sym, new_sym)]
return changed
def diff(old, new):
added = added_symbols(old, new)
removed = removed_symbols(old, new)
changed = changed_symbols(old, new)
return added, removed, changed
def report_diff(added_syms, removed_syms, changed_syms, names_only=False,
def maybe_demangle(name):
return util.demangle_symbol(name) if demangle else name
report = ''
for sym in added_syms:
report += 'Symbol added: %s\n' % maybe_demangle(sym['name'])
if not names_only:
report += ' %s\n\n' % sym
if added_syms and names_only:
report += '\n'
for sym in removed_syms:
report += 'SYMBOL REMOVED: %s\n' % maybe_demangle(sym['name'])
if not names_only:
report += ' %s\n\n' % sym
if removed_syms and names_only:
report += '\n'
if not names_only:
for sym_pair in changed_syms:
old_sym, new_sym = sym_pair
old_str = '\n OLD SYMBOL: %s' % old_sym
new_str = '\n NEW SYMBOL: %s' % new_sym
report += ('SYMBOL CHANGED: %s%s%s\n\n' %
old_str, new_str))
added = bool(len(added_syms) != 0)
abi_break = bool(len(removed_syms))
if not names_only:
abi_break = abi_break or len(changed_syms)
if added or abi_break:
report += 'Summary\n'
report += ' Added: %d\n' % len(added_syms)
report += ' Removed: %d\n' % len(removed_syms)
if not names_only:
report += ' Changed: %d\n' % len(changed_syms)
if not abi_break:
report += 'Symbols added.'
report += 'Symbols match.'
is_different = abi_break or bool(len(added_syms)) \
or bool(len(changed_syms))
return report, abi_break, is_different