Teach __hash_table how to handle unordered_map's __hash_value_type.

This patch is fairly large and contains a number of changes. The main change
is teaching '__hash_table' how to handle '__hash_value_type'. Unfortunately
this change is a rampant layering violation, but it's required to make
unordered_map conforming without re-writing all of __hash_table.
After this change 'unordered_map' can delegate to '__hash_table' in almost all cases.

The major changes found in this patch are:

  * Teach __hash_table to differentiate between the true container value type
    and the node value type by introducing the "__container_value_type" and
    "__node_value_type" typedefs. In the case of unordered_map '__container_value_type'
    is 'pair<const Key, Value>' and '__node_value_type' is '__hash_value_type'.
  * Switch almost all overloads in '__hash_table' previously taking 'value_type'
    (AKA '__node_value_type) to take  '__container_value_type' instead. Previously
    'pair<K, V>' would be implicitly converted to '__hash_value_type<K, V>' because
    of the function signature.
  * Add '__get_key', '__get_value', '__get_ptr', and '__move' static functions to
    '__key_value_types'. These functions allow '__hash_table' to unwrap
    '__node_value_type' objects into '__container_value_type' and its sub-parts.

  * Pass  '__hash_value_type::__value_'  to 'a.construct(p, ...)' instead of
    '__hash_value_type' itself. The C++14 standard requires that 'a.construct()'
    and 'a.destroy()' are only ever instantiated for the containers value type.

  * Remove '__hash_value_type's constructors and destructors. We should never
    construct an instance of this type.
    (TODO this is UB but we already do it in plenty of places).
  * Add a generic "try-emplace" function to '__hash_table' called
    '__emplace_unique_key_args(Key const&, Args...)'.

The following changes were done as cleanup:

  * Introduce the '_LIBCPP_CXX03_LANG' macro to be used in place of
  * Cleanup C++11 only overloads that assume an incomplete C++11 implementation.
    For example this patch removes the __construct_node overloads that do
    manual pack expansion.
  * Forward 'unordered_map::emplace' to '__hash_table' and remove dead code
    resulting from the change. This includes almost all
    'unordered_map::__construct_node' overloads.

The following changes are planed for future revisions:

  * Fix LWG issue #2469 by delegating 'unordered_map::operator[]' to use
  * Rewrite 'unordered_map::try_emplace' in terms of '__emplace_unique_key_args'.
  * Optimize '__emplace_unique' to call '__emplace_unique_key_args' when possible.
    This prevent unneeded allocations when inserting duplicate entries.

The additional follow up work needed after this patch:

  * Respect the lifetime rules for '__hash_value_type' by actually constructing it.
  * Make '__insert_multi' act similar to '__insert_unique' for objects of type
    'T&' and 'T const &&' with 'T = __container_value_type'.

git-svn-id: https://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/libcxx/trunk@260513 91177308-0d34-0410-b5e6-96231b3b80d8
9 files changed