Fix Any::Buffer.Store_Objects unit test

Any normally embeds small data objects (with the size of up to
double). This test verifies that larger objects are stored externally.

However 10 bytes is not large enough and on some platform due to data
alignment/padding a bit larger data than that of double can still be
stored inside Any itself. Use 20 bytes to guarantee that Any cannot
contain the buffer of that size inside.

Change-Id: Iceaa0efbc74570f17d2cc70aa8d6537cc8bd2be5
diff --git a/brillo/ b/brillo/
index 5e64926..4f39939 100644
--- a/brillo/
+++ b/brillo/
@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@
   EXPECT_STREQ(typeid(Small).name(), buffer.GetDataPtr()->GetTypeName());
   struct Large {
-    char c[10];
+    char c[20];
   } large = {};