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- Make file opens use the cloexec flag (Cristian Rodríguez)
- Fix possible segfaults when CAP_LAST_CAP is larger than the lookup table
- In pscap, don't drop capabilities when running with capabilities
- In netcap, make sure readlink is handled properly
- In netcap and pscap, ensure euid is initialized
- Fix self test build problem on clean system (Sterling X. Winter)
- Only open regular files in filecap
- Make building Python bindings optional
- Python bindings update (arfrever.fta)
- Fix filecap segfault when checking a specific file
- Add define for missing XATTR_NAME_CAPS since 2.6.36 makes it private
- Update packet socket code to print interface
- Fix effective capabilities read from file descriptor
- Use thread ID for capget/set calls
- In netcap and pscap use the effective uid
- In capng_change_id, only retain setpcap if clearing the bounding set
- Make pscap drop capabilities so its not listed in report
- Review prctl calls to make sure we are passing 5 args
- Add package config support
- In netcap, don't complain about missing udp or raw network files
- Adjusted data read in for file based capabilities
- In netcap, don't complain about missing network files
- Add python bindings
- Add m4 macro file to help developers configure libcap-ng in their apps
- Fake applying bounding set for old OS
- Ignore setpcap for old OS when changing id
- Remove capabilities v1 data handling from reading file attributes
- Set the SECURE_NO_SETUID_FIXUP and LOCKED securebits flags in capng_lock
- Remove unnecessary uid check in change_uid when dropping supplemental groups
- Add credential printout and other improvements to captest
- In the init routine, set to current process
- Use bit mask on effective capabilities check in have_capabilities
- Numeric printing of bounding set bits were in wrong order
- In update function, reverse the order of bounding set vs capabilities
- Revise the tests used to determine if bounding set should be updated
- If attr/xattr.h is not available disable file system capabilities
- Initialize capng_have_capability with capng_get_caps_process if unknown
- Make capng_change_id drop the gid if given
- Fixed cap_update for bounding set
- Fix have_capability for bounding set
- Added more tests to the make check target
- Remove CAPNG_LOCK_PERMS for change_id flags
- Added captest program
- Fix missing includes for various OS and platforms
- Correct misplaced #ifdef for older OS
- Reorder clearing of bounding set in capng_change_id
- Make locking a noop in capng_change_id for the moment
- spec file clean ups
- Man pages for all library functions
- Initial public release