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* Copyright (C) 2015 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at:
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
* Originally developed and contributed by Ittiam Systems Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore
#ifndef _IH264D_TABLES_H_
#define _IH264D_TABLES_H_
* \file ih264d_tables.h
* \brief
* Declaration of all tables used by h264 decoder
* \date
* 17/09/2004
* \author MA
#include "ih264_typedefs.h"
#include "ih264_macros.h"
#include "ih264_platform_macros.h"
#include "ih264d_cabac.h"
/*Deblocking Table declaration*/
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_qp_scale_cr[];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_alpha_table[];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_clip_table_deblock[];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_beta_table[];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_clip_table[][4];
/*Parsing Table declaration*/
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_cbp_tab[6];
extern const UWORD32 gau4_ih264d_packed_bs2[32];
extern const UWORD16 gau2_ih264d_4x4_v2h_reorder[16];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_subblk_offset[16];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_cbp_table[48][2];
/*Decode Slice Table declaration*/
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_inv_scan[16];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_inv_scan_fld[16];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_dequant_matrix[6][16];
extern const UWORD16 gau2_ih264_iquant_scale_4x4[6][16];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_dequant8x8_zigzag_cavlc[4][6][16];
extern const UWORD16 gau1_ih264d_dequant8x8_cavlc[6][64];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_inv_scan_prog8x8_cavlc[4][16];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_inv_scan_int8x8_cavlc[4][16];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_inv_scan_prog8x8_cabac[64];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_inv_scan_int8x8_cabac[64];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_lastcoeff_context_inc[64];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_sigcoeff_context_inc_frame[64];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_sigcoeff_context_inc_field[64];
/* scaling related table declaration */
extern const WORD16 gai2_ih264d_default_intra4x4[16];
extern const WORD16 gai2_ih264d_default_inter4x4[16];
extern const WORD16 gai2_ih264d_default_intra8x8[64];
extern const WORD16 gai2_ih264d_default_inter8x8[64];
extern const WORD16 gai2_ih264d_flat_4x4[16];
extern const WORD16 gai2_ih264d_flat_8x8[64];
/*Decode MV Table declaration*/
extern const WORD8 gau1_ih264d_mv_pred_condition[];
/** Number of subMbs for the 8x8 prediction mode */
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_num_submb_part[];
/** Width of the 8x8 prediction mode in terms of subMbs */
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_submb_partw[];
/** Height of the 8x8 prediction mode in terms of subMbs */
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_submb_parth[];
/** Number of MB partitions for the MB prediction mode */
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_num_mb_part[];
/** Width of the MB partition in terms of subMbs */
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_mb_partw[];
/** Height of the MB partition in terms of subMbs */
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_mb_parth[];
/** MB partition information is packed into a UWORD32 {0,number,width,height} */
extern const UWORD32 gau4_ih264d_submb_part[];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_submb_indx_mod[];
/** This table is used to assign CBPs to Inter MBs. */
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_cbp_inter[];
/** Motion comp modes for P followed by B,
0 to 4 : P Mbs
5 to 27 : B Mbs
28 to 30 : DIRECT */
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_mb_mc_mode[];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_submb_mc_mode[];
/** Sub MB pred modes for B slice */
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_submb_pred_modes[];
/** MB pred modes for P and B slice */
extern const WORD8 gau1_ih264d_mb_pred_modes[2][32];
/*Decode CAVLC Table declaration*/
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_table_total_zero_2to10[9][64];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_table_total_zero_11to15[5][16];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_table_run_before[64];
extern const UWORD16 gau2_ih264d_code_gx[304];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_cav_chromdc_vld[256];
extern const UWORD16 gau2_ih264d_offset_num_vlc_tab[9];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_total_coeff_fn_ptr_offset[16];
extern const WORD16 gai2_ih264d_trailing_one_level[14][3];
/*Decode CABAC Table declaration*/
extern const UWORD32 gau4_ih264d_cabac_table[128][4];
/* For error detection in intra pred4x4 modes */
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_intra_pred_err_code[9];
/* Cabac tables for context initialization depending upon type of Slice, */
/* cabac init Idc value and Qp. */
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_cabac_ctxt_init_table[NUM_CAB_INIT_IDC_PLUS_ONE][QP_RANGE][NUM_CABAC_CTXTS];
/* SEI tables for field usge and which field first */
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_sei_fld_usage[9][3];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_top_left_mb_part_indx_mod[];
extern const UWORD8 gau1_ih264d_submb_indx_mod_sp_drct[];
#endif /*TABLES_H*/