Decoder: Initialize default reference buffers for all pictures

Reference buffer is now initialized to default value for
each pic before decoding the first slice in the pic

Bug: 34097866
Change-Id: Id64b123af2188217ce833f11db0e6c0681d41dfd
(cherry picked from commit f634481e940421020e52f511c1fb34aac1db4b2f)
diff --git a/decoder/ih264d_parse_slice.c b/decoder/ih264d_parse_slice.c
index 11a317b..8aa5dca 100644
--- a/decoder/ih264d_parse_slice.c
+++ b/decoder/ih264d_parse_slice.c
@@ -436,7 +436,7 @@
         ps_cur_pic->pu1_col_zero_flag = (UWORD8 *)ps_col_mv->pv_col_zero_flag;
         ps_cur_pic->ps_mv = (mv_pred_t *)ps_col_mv->pv_mv;
         ps_dec->au1_pic_buf_ref_flag[cur_pic_buf_id] = 0;
-        if(ps_dec->u1_first_slice_in_stream)
             /*make first entry of list0 point to cur pic,so that if first Islice is in error, ref pic struct will have valid entries*/
             ps_dec->ps_ref_pic_buf_lx[0] = ps_dec->ps_dpb_mgr->ps_init_dpb[0];