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* Copyright (C) 2015 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at:
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
* Originally developed and contributed by Ittiam Systems Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore
#ifndef _IH264D_DPB_MANAGER_H_
#define _IH264D_DPB_MANAGER_H_
* \file ih264d_dpb_manager.h
* \brief
* Decoded Picture Buffer Manager Include File
* Detailed_description
* \date
* 19-12-2002
* \author Sriram Sethuraman
#include "ih264_typedefs.h"
#include "ih264_macros.h"
#include "ih264_platform_macros.h"
#include "ih264d_bitstrm.h"
#include "ih264d_defs.h"
#define END_OF_MMCO 0
#define SET_MAX_LT_INDEX 4
#define SET_LT_INDEX 6
struct field_t
/* picNum of tbe reference field */
WORD32 i4_pic_num;
/* assigned when used for long term reference */
/* else MAX_REF_BUFS+1 */
UWORD8 u1_long_term_frame_idx;
/* 0 : unused for reference */
/* 1 : used for short term reference */
/* 2 : used for long term reference */
UWORD8 u1_reference_info;
struct dpb_info_t
struct pic_buffer_t *ps_pic_buf; /** Pointer to picture buffer structure */
WORD32 i4_frame_num; /** frame number of picture - unique for each ref*/
struct dpb_info_t *ps_prev_short;/** Link to the DPB with previous picNum */
struct dpb_info_t *ps_prev_long; /** Link to the DPB with previous long term frame*/
struct field_t s_top_field; /** Contains information of the top_field
reference info, pic num and longt term frame idx */
struct field_t s_bot_field; /** Contains information of the bot_field
reference info, pic num and longt term frame idx */
UWORD8 u1_buf_id; /** bufID from bufAPI */
UWORD8 u1_used_as_ref; /** whether buffer is used as ref for frame or
complementary reference field pair */
UWORD8 u1_lt_idx; /** If buf is assigned long-term index; else MAX_REF_BUFS+1 */
typedef struct
struct pic_buffer_t *ps_def_dpb[MAX_REF_BUFS];/** DPB in default index order */
struct pic_buffer_t *ps_mod_dpb[2][2 * MAX_REF_BUFS];/** DPB in reordered index order, 0-fwd,1-bwd */
struct pic_buffer_t *ps_init_dpb[2][2 * MAX_REF_BUFS];/** DPB in reordered index order, 0-fwd,1-bwd */
struct dpb_info_t *ps_dpb_st_head; /** Pointer to the most recent picNum */
struct dpb_info_t *ps_dpb_ht_head; /** Pointer to the smallest LT index */
struct dpb_info_t as_dpb_info[MAX_REF_BUFS]; /** Physical storage for dpbInfo for ref bufs */
UWORD8 u1_num_st_ref_bufs; /** Number of short term ref. buffers */
UWORD8 u1_num_lt_ref_bufs; /** Number of long term ref. buffer */
UWORD8 u1_max_lt_pic_idx_plus1; /** Maximum long term pictures - 0 to max_long_term_pic_idx */
UWORD8 u1_num_gaps; /** Total number of outstanding gaps */
void * pv_codec_handle; /* For Error Handling */
WORD32 i4_max_frm_num; /** Max frame number */
WORD32 ai4_gaps_start_frm_num[MAX_FRAMES];/** start frame number for a gap seqn */
WORD32 ai4_gaps_end_frm_num[MAX_FRAMES]; /** start frame number for a gap seqn */
WORD8 ai1_gaps_per_seq[MAX_FRAMES]; /** number of gaps with each gap seqn */
WORD32 ai4_poc_buf_id_map[MAX_FRAMES][3];
WORD8 i1_poc_buf_id_entries;
WORD8 i1_gaps_deleted;
UWORD16 u2_pic_wd;
UWORD16 u2_pic_ht;
/** Structure store the MMC Commands */
struct MMCParams
UWORD32 u4_mmco; /** memory managemet control operation */
UWORD32 u4_diff_pic_num; /** diff Of Pic Nums Minus1 */
UWORD32 u4_lt_idx; /** Long Term Pic Idx */
UWORD32 u4_max_lt_idx_plus1; /** MaxLongTermPicIdxPlus1 */
typedef struct
UWORD8 u1_dpb_commands_read; /** Flag to indicate that DBP commands are read */
UWORD8 u1_buf_mode; /** decoder Pic bugffering mode*/
UWORD8 u1_num_of_commands; /** Number of MMC commands */
/* These variables are ised in case of IDR pictures only */
UWORD8 u1_idr_pic; /** = 1 ,IDR pic */
UWORD8 u1_no_output_of_prior_pics_flag;
UWORD8 u1_long_term_reference_flag;
struct MMCParams as_mmc_params[MAX_REF_BUFS]; /* < Buffer to store MMC commands */
UWORD8 u1_dpb_commands_read_slc;
void ih264d_init_ref_bufs(dpb_manager_t *ps_dpb_mgr);
WORD32 ih264d_insert_st_node(dpb_manager_t *ps_dpb_mgr,
struct pic_buffer_t *ps_pic_buf,
UWORD8 u1_buf_id,
UWORD32 u2_cur_pic_num);
WORD32 ih264d_update_default_index_list(dpb_manager_t *ps_dpb_mgr);
WORD32 ih264d_do_mmco_buffer(dpb_commands_t *ps_dpb_cmds,
dpb_manager_t *ps_dpb_mgr,
UWORD8 u1_numRef_frames_for_seq,
UWORD32 u4_cur_pic_num,
UWORD32 u2_u4_max_pic_num_minus1,
UWORD8 u1_nal_unit_type,
struct pic_buffer_t *ps_pic_buf,
UWORD8 u1_buf_id,
UWORD8 u1_fld_pic_flag,
UWORD8 u1_curr_pic_in_err);
void ih264d_release_pics_in_dpb(void *pv_dec,
UWORD8 u1_disp_bufs);
void ih264d_reset_ref_bufs(dpb_manager_t *ps_dpb_mgr);
WORD32 ih264d_delete_st_node_or_make_lt(dpb_manager_t *ps_dpb_mgr,
WORD32 u4_pic_num,
UWORD32 u4_lt_idx,
UWORD8 u1_fld_pic_flag);
WORD32 ih264d_delete_gap_frm_mmco(dpb_manager_t *ps_dpb_mgr,
WORD32 i4_frame_num,
UWORD8 *pu1_del_node);
WORD32 ih264d_delete_gap_frm_sliding(dpb_manager_t *ps_dpb_mgr,
WORD32 i4_frame_num,
UWORD8 *pu1_del_node);
WORD32 ih264d_do_mmco_for_gaps(dpb_manager_t *ps_dpb_mgr,
UWORD8 u1_num_ref_frames);
WORD32 ih264d_insert_pic_in_display_list(dpb_manager_t *ps_dpb_mgr,
UWORD8 u1_buf_id,
WORD32 i4_display_poc,
UWORD32 u4_frame_num);
void ih264d_delete_nonref_nondisplay_pics(dpb_manager_t *ps_dpb_mgr);
#endif /* _IH264D_DPB_MANAGER_H_ */