DO NOT MERGE Fixed bug during resolution change
fix merge conflict into mnc-mr2-release
Modifies how i4_header_decoded is decoder context is used, to ensure
that resolution change is detected even if PPS has not been decoded.

This retrofits parts of the below mentioned 'merged-in' commits
which solve this for mnc-dr and later versions of the library. The retrofit
required dropping portions that affected code introduced in a later baseline.

Bug: 35583675
Test: provided input file no longer hangs
Change-Id: I8fa30543759c5762b18e2380513e2ce616c858ef
Merged-In: I0d248212aaf6635f34a70ad36657416a0c623d32
Merged-In: Ifd21ebe1827d6d0c13018983c46c4301c2bb1669
(cherry picked from commit 6622c88850f72ffd6b89c74bb3cdaa845a2837db)
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