Use INT_MAX as i4_max_sad in ih264e_evaluate_bipred

The stored i4_mb_distortion that was used as i4_max_sad previously
might come from a different coding mode - even if
pf_ime_compute_sad_16x16 returns early when i4_mb_distortion is
larger than ps_mb_ctxt_bi->i4_mb_distortion, the calculated i4_mb_cost
can still end up smaller than ps_mb_ctxt_bi->i4_mb_cost.

Therefore, set i4_max_sad to INT_MAX to avoid the early exit in
pf_ime_compute_sad_16x16 here, since it can't be used reliably (and
returning early can end up choosing a suboptimal mode).

This makes sure that the encoded output is identical when the SIMD
optimized routines are disabled, when using B-frames.

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