libaom: Pull from upstream

Current HEAD: 978ab9e6cd19904cdd54b69a4c30b10c747eb55a

git log from upstream:
978ab9e6c AV1 levels: add min frame width and height
62133bf3e AV1 levels: add max superres tile width
dee839cea AV1 levels: add max tile rate
1ca3b2652 Correct ref frame buffer in scaled subpixel simple_motion_search
ceb16a2e6 Introduce early exit for partition none
5bdd95475 Implement av1_get_seq_level_idx()
d06d2d5d3 Refactor check_level_constraints()
352263271 Move some data from AV1LevelSpec to AV1LevelStats
bfe92612d AV1 levels: add check for min compression ratio
87a8394ac FIRSTPASS_STATS: Add comments for struct members.
a1cf38d09 Disable two pass partition search on lowres and midres
ecf5a3c12 Level test: add testcase for target level index 19
37fa0e848 AV1 levels: add header, display and decode rate
eff7d3079 Remove unused parameters in tpl experiment
13cccf2db Update border for ref buffer to allow scaled pred
fa946afbf Temp fix for ctrl based resize setting
81a59f162 Add data structure to store frame info.
98bb9d649 GF length reduction: respect min_gf_interval.
42f22cce2 Speed feature for adaptive-tx-search
987055e30 Update level info when show_existing_frame is ture

Bug: 124137416
Test: video playback
Change-Id: I710b863d81cc663c8e286732f32e9b56ab35a5a0
289 files changed