libaom: Pull from upstream

Current HEAD: bb35ba9148543f22ba7d8642e4fbd29ae301f5dc

git log from upstream:
bb35ba914 Release v2.0.0 Applejack
52fcf2055 Update changelog and authors for v2.0.0 Applejack
9d6b045fa Decouple library version and so version.
43f561e19 Remove surprises from aom_codec_control
560a39293 aom/aom.h: rm AOM_SET_DBG_* controls
e8f025a24 Doc update for control codes
8fdd9cece Full-sweep doc update for control codes
5e6df1a00 Remove post processing related code
01a51124c Remove the put_frame and put_slice callbacks
bd6e7b60f Minor cleanup related to external frame buffers
f10d035e0 Remove multi-resolution encoding from API
8ac85cca1 Move NELEMENTS macro to aom_dsp/aom_dsp_common.h
8119c64b9 Replace for loops with range-based for loops
8e88d2b4e Avoid the copy of non-existing u&v planes
028ad7dd2 Optimizations for denoise_and_encode()
8b6cece3c Reduce sub-pel precision for fast motion search
06f2c6289 Modularize intrabc motion vector costs in AV1_COMP
eb417c15c Facilitate LAP based single pass in VBR mode.
d7263967e AV1 RT: nonRD pick mode code cleanup
880406c5f Refactor inter preds in *variance*.c

Bug: 150780418
Test: walleye builds w/apex using libaom
Change-Id: I558248e2a0b4cfc4bc3d7c42c80505d82fb9804f
(cherry picked from commit bc106e1ce8446fc57efbc748583dd60ec5c19c8b)
683 files changed