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"""This module defines macros for making shell tests."""
def file_diff_test(name, file1, file2, message = "", size = "small", tags = []):
"""A macro to compare a source file with a generated counterpart.
This macro generates a sh_test that prints a diff and fails if file1 is not
the same as file2.
name: the name of the sh_test to create
file1: the left-hand file to compare
file2: the right-hand file to compare
message: optional message to print if the files differ
size: the size of the test
tags: tags for the sh_test rule
if file1 == "" or file2 == "":
fail('You must provide both "file1" and "file2"')
if message == "":
message = "Files $(location %s) and $(location %s) differ" % (file1, file2)
gen = name + "_script"
name = gen,
srcs = [file1, file2],
outs = [gen + ".sh"],
executable = True,
testonly = True,
visibility = ["//visibility:private"],
cmd = "\n".join([
"if ! diff '$(location %s)' '$(location %s)' ; then" % (file1, file2),
" echo 'printf \"\\n>> %s\\n\\n\" ; exit 1' > $@" % message,
" echo 'exit 0' > $@",
name = name,
srcs = [":" + gen],
size = size,
tags = tags,
def shell_tool_test(
script = [],
scriptfile = "",
tools = {},
data = [],
args = [],
size = "small",
tags = []):
"""A macro to invoke a test script with access to specified tools.
Each tool named by the tools attribute is available in the script via a
variable named by the corresponding key. For example, if tools contains
"A": "//foo/bar:baz"
then $A refers to the location of //foo/bar:baz in the script. Each element
of script becomes a single line of the resulting test.
Exactly one of "script" or "scriptfile" must be set. If "script" is set, it
is used as an inline script; otherwise "scriptfile" must be a file target
containing the script to be included.
Any targets specified in "data" are included as data dependencies for the
resulting sh_test rule without further interpretation.
name: the name for the sh_test to create
script: the script to use.
Either script or scriptfile must be set, but not both.
scriptfile: the file containing the script to use.
Either scriptfile or script must be set, but not both.
tools: tools to use, passed in to test_args and data
data: additional data to pass in to the sh_test
args: additinoal args to pass in to the sh_test
size: size of the test ("small", "medium", etc)
tags: tags for the sh_test
if (len(script) == 0) == (scriptfile == ""):
fail('You must set exactly one of "script" or "scriptfile"')
bases = sorted(tools.keys())
lines = ["set -e", 'cat >$@ <<"EOF"'] + [
'readonly %s="$${%d:?missing %s tool}"' % (base, i + 1, base)
for i, base in enumerate(bases)
] + ["shift %d" % len(bases)] + script + ["EOF"]
if scriptfile:
lines += [
"# --- end generated section ---",
'cat >>$@ "$(location %s)"' % scriptfile,
genscript = name + "_test_script"
name = genscript,
outs = [genscript + ".sh"],
srcs = [scriptfile] if scriptfile else [],
testonly = True,
cmd = "\n".join(lines),
tags = tags,
test_args = ["$(location %s)" % tools[base] for base in bases]
name = name,
data = sorted(tools.values()) + data,
srcs = [genscript],
args = test_args + args,
size = size,
tags = tags,