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WARNING: Kythe is alpha. Use at your own risk.

Kythe is a pluggable, (mostly) language-agnostic ecosystem for building tools that work with code. This release contains the core set of indexers, extractors, and tools directly supported by the Kythe team.

License: Apache Licence, Version 2.0


  • indexers
    • cxx_indexer :: C++ indexer
    • go_indexer :: Go indexer
    • java_indexer.jar :: Java indexer
    • jvm_indexer.jar :: JVM jar indexer
    • proto_indexer :: Protocol-buffer indexer
    • rust_indexer :: Rust indexer
    • textproto_indexer :: Text-format protocol-buffer indexer
  • extractors
    • bazel_cxx_extractor :: C++ extractor for Bazel extra_actions
    • bazel_extract_kzip :: Generic kzip extractor for Bazel extra actions
    • bazel_go_extractor :: Bazel Go extractor
    • bazel_java_extractor.jar :: Java extractor for Bazel extra_actions
    • bazel_jvm_extractor.jar :: JVM extractor for Bazel extra_actions
    • bazel_proto_extractor :: Bazel Protocol-buffer extractor
    • bazel_rust_extractor :: Bazel Rust extractor
    • cxx_extractor :: C++ extractor
    • go_extractor :: Go extractor
    • :: javac wrapper script for extractor
    • javac_extractor.jar :: Java extractor
    • proto_extractor :: Protocol-buffer extractor
    • textproto_extractor :: Text-format protocol-buffer extractor
  • proto :: Protocol buffer definitions of public APIs
  • tools
    • cc_proto_metadata_plugin :: Replacement protoc plugin to generate metadata for C++
    • dedup_stream :: Removes duplicates entries from a delimited stream
    • directory_indexer :: Emits Kythe file nodes for some local paths
    • entrystream :: Generic Kythe entry stream processor
    • http_server :: HTTP server for Kythe service APIs (xrefs, filetree, graph)
    • kythe :: CLI for the service APIs exposed by http_server
    • kzip :: Utility to manipulate .kzip archives
    • read_entries :: Dumps a GraphStore's contents as an entry stream
    • triples :: Converts an entry stream (or GraphStore) to N-Triples
    • verifier :: Verifies indexer outputs with source-inlined goals
    • write_entries :: Writes an entry stream to a GraphStore
    • write_tables :: Processes a GraphStore into efficient serving tables for http_server


  • Java JDK >=8
  • libuuid

Debian Jessie Install

echo "deb jessie-backports main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk libncurses5 libssl1.0.0

End-to-end Java Example

# Install Kythe
tar xzf kythe-v*.tar.gz
rm -rf /opt/kythe
mv kythe-v*/ /opt/kythe

git clone
cd DataflowJavaSDK

# Setup the Java extractor's environment
export REAL_JAVAC="$(which javac)"
export JAVAC_EXTRACTOR_JAR=/opt/kythe/extractors/javac_extractor.jar
export KYTHE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY="/tmp/kythe"
export KYTHE_CORPUS=DataflowJavaSDK

# Force Maven to compile with extractors/
mvn clean compile \
  -Dmaven.compiler.forceJavacCompilerUse=true \
  -Dmaven.compiler.fork=true \

cd ..

# Index the resulting .kzip files, deduplicate the entries, and finally store
# them in a GraphStore
rm -rf "$GRAPHSTORE"
find "$KYTHE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY" -name '*.kzip' | \
  xargs -L1 java -jar /opt/kythe/indexers/java_indexer.jar | \
  /opt/kythe/tools/dedup_stream | \
  /opt/kythe/tools/write_entries --graphstore $GRAPHSTORE

# Process the GraphStore into serving tables
rm -rf "$SERVING"
/opt/kythe/tools/write_tables --graphstore $GRAPHSTORE --out "$SERVING"

# Launch Kythe's service APIs as an HTTP server listening to only local
# connections on port 9898.  Using `--listen :9898` instead will allow
# connections from other networked machines.
/opt/kythe/tools/http_server --serving_table "$SERVING" \
  --public_resources /opt/kythe/web/ui --listen localhost:9898

# The sample web UI will be serving at http://localhost:9898

# /opt/kythe/tools/kythe and /opt/kythe/tools/kwazthis can be used with the
# local running server by passing the '--api=http://localhost:9898' flag.



extractors/cxx_extractor and extractors/javac_extractor.jar are flag-compatible replacements for clang and javac, respectively. Instead of performing a full compilation, they extract the compilation's full context including all file inputs and archive them in a .kzip file.

Since each extractor is meant to replace a compiler, all configuration is passed by the following environment variables:

KYTHE_ROOT_DIRECTORY (required): root directory of the repository being compiled.
    This helps the extractor correctly infer file input paths.
KYTHE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY (required): output directory for resulting .kzip
KYTHE_VNAMES: path to a JSON-encoded VNames configuration file.  See for
    more details on the file's format and for an example.
KYTHE_CORPUS: the name of the corpus for all constructed VNames (only used if
    KYTHE_VNAMES is unset; defaults to "kythe")

extractors/ is provided as one way to inject an extractor into a build system -- by wrapping each compiler command. For instance, Maven compilations can easily be extracted by replacing $JAVA_HOME/bin/javac with this script and setting the following Maven options:


Read extractors/ for more details on its usage.

extractors/go_extractor extracts from an existing build and doesn't build any code itself. -i needs to be passed to the build to ensure that ‘-a’ is preserved. See the Examples for usage.


export KYTHE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY=/tmp/kythe


java -Xbootclasspath/p:third_party/javac/javac*.jar \
  -jar extractors/javac_extractor.jar \
  -cp "${$(find third_party -name '*.jar' -printf '%p:')%:}" \
  $(find src/main -name '*.java')

extractors/cxx_extractor -Ithird_party/include

cd $GOPATH/src
# Build the tests along with the package.
go test -i
$KYTHE_ROOT_DIRECTORY/extractors/go_extractor \
  --output $KYTHE_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY/extracted.kzip


indexers/cxx_indexer, indexers/go_indexer, indexers/java_indexer.jar, and indexers/rust_indexer analyze the .kzip files produced by the extractors and emit a stream of protobuf wire-encoded facts (entries) that conform to The output stream can be processed by many of the accompanying binaries in the tools/ directory.


java -jar indexers/java_indexer.jar \
  /tmp/kythe/065c7a9a0789d09b73d74b0ca17cfcec6643d69a6218d095d19a770b10dffdf9.kzip \
  > java.entries

indexers/cxx_indexers \
  /tmp/kythe/579d266e5914257a9bd4458eb9b218690280ae15123d642025f224d10f64e6f3.kzip \
  > cxx.entries

indexers/go_indexer \
  /tmp/kythe/579d266e5914257a9bd4458eb9b218690280ae15123d642025f224d10f64e6f3.kzip \
  > go.entries

indexers/rust_indexer \
  /tmp/kythe/579d266e5914257a9bd4458eb9b218690280ae15123d642025f224d10f64e6f3.kzip \
  > rust.entries