Build C++ extractor for Android.

The extractor has to match the Android C++ toolchain, and it's desirable
to avoid pulling in too many additional dependencies. This requires
making the following changes:
* protobuffers code in Andrid source tree is old, downgrade some calls
in and (plus, pull 'sstream` header explicitly)
* use libziparchive to manipulate Zip files (upstream uses libzip)
* fix argument type when calling PragmaHandler::HandlePragma (another
* suppress warnings about unknown pragma
* downgrade include file lookup in
* provide stub to use Android's logging instead of Google logging.
* remove dependency on uuid library, rely on LLVM API to generate create
a temporary file with unique name

Bug: 121267023
Test: build cxx_extractor in clang-tools branch, use it to generate
.kzip files

Change-Id: I5df762b549ba406c23e05f2836acb8f5bc5f0120
10 files changed