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def _tuplicate(value, delim):
rv = ()
for field in value.split(delim):
if field.isdigit():
rv += (int(field),)
rv += (field,)
return rv
def _parse_version(version):
if not version:
return ()
# Remove any commit tail.
version = version.split(" ", 1)[0]
# Split into (release, date) parts.
parts = version.split("-", 1)
return _tuplicate(parts[0], ".")
def _bound_size(tup, size, padding = 0):
if len(tup) >= size:
return tup[:size]
ret = tup
for i in range(size - len(tup)):
ret += (padding,)
return ret
def check_version(min_required, max_supported):
found = native.bazel_version
found_version = _parse_version(found)
min = _parse_version(min_required)
if min > _bound_size(found_version, len(min)):
fail("You need to update bazel. Required version {} of bazel, found {}".format(min_required, found))
max = _parse_version(max_supported)
if max < _bound_size(found_version, len(max)):
fail("Your bazel is too new. Maximum supported version {} of bazel, found {}".format(max_supported, found))
def blacklist_version(version, reason):
found = _parse_version(native.bazel_version)
if found == _parse_version(version):
"You're using a blacklisted version of Bazel ({}).".format(native.bazel_version),
"Please upgrade or downgrade to a supported release.",
"The version of Bazel you're using is incompatible with Kythe because:",