title: kotlinx-coroutines layout: api

kotlinx.coroutines reference documentation

Library support for Kotlin coroutines. This reference is a companion to Guide to kotlinx.coroutines by example.


kotlinx-coroutines-coreCore primitives to work with coroutines
kotlinx-coroutines-debugDebugging utilities for coroutines
kotlinx-coroutines-testTest primitives for coroutines, Main dispatcher injection
kotlinx-coroutines-reactiveUtilities for Reactive Streams
kotlinx-coroutines-reactorUtilities for Reactor
kotlinx-coroutines-rx2Utilities for RxJava 2.x
kotlinx-coroutines-androidMain dispatcher for Android applications
kotlinx-coroutines-javafxJavaFx dispatcher for JavaFX UI applications
kotlinx-coroutines-swingSwing dispatcher for Swing UI applications
kotlinx-coroutines-jdk8Integration with JDK8 CompletableFuture (Android API level 24)
kotlinx-coroutines-guavaIntegration with Guava ListenableFuture
kotlinx-coroutines-slf4jIntegration with SLF4J MDC
kotlinx-coroutines-play-servicesIntegration with Google Play Services Tasks API


  • example-frontend-js -- frontend application written in Kotlin/JS that uses coroutines to implement animations in imperative style.