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Version: 8.1.15.v20140411
License: Apache 2 or Eclipse 1.0 (see NOTICE file for information on licensing for dependencies)
Jetty is a lightweight, servlet container implementation in Java.
The pom.xml_saved file is included as a reference for bringing down the complete, original source
code and dependencies using maven. Note, the file structure generated with pom.xml_saved will
not match the current file structure, as noted in the Local Modifcations section. Furthermore, not
all of the original sources are compatible with the android runtime. Incompatible source files are
listed in the file under "NON_ANDROID_SRC".
Local Modifcations
The complete original source code was downloaded using pom.xml_saved. The pom file creates a separate
directory for each jetty package. the src directory of the relevant packages were merged into a single
src directory. The relevant packages which were merged into the single src directory are:
All other packages were discarded. Prebuilt dependencies (SLF4J, the servlet api and jetty utils)
were copied from the maven repository into the lib directory. pom files and sha1 files are included
with the prebuilt dependencies for reference.
The eclipse files were created manually. The .classpath file includes the prebuilt dependencies in the
lib directory and excludes the sources files that are not compatible with the android runtime (see
"NON_ANDROID_SRC" in the file). the .project file was copied from one of the .project
files created by maven.
Updating this Project
To update this project, the updated packages should be fetched from maven and their src directories should
be merged with the local src directory. Any new or updated prebuilt dependencies should be copied into
the lib directory. The file (.classpath file for eclipse) should be updated accordingly. It
may be necessary to add more files to "NON_ANDROID_SRC" in the file (the excluding element
in .classpath for eclipse).