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Kotlin Ultimate

This project is a part of Kotlin IntelliJ IDEA Plugin which provides support for Ultimate IDEA features from Kotlin side.

If you want to work on this project you should open it in IDEA as separate project.


To build this project:

  1. Run ant -f update_dependencies.xml in kotlin-ultimate folder.
  2. Build main Kotlin project itself.
  3. Build kotlin-ultimate project.

Build a plugin

If you want to build a Kotlin IntelliJ IDEA Plugin locally with ultimate features support you should:

  1. Build kotlin plugin in main project: Build -> Build Artifacts -> Kotlin Plugin -> Build.
  2. Run ant -f build.xml in kotlin-ultimate folder.

Then you will get kotlin-plugin with ultimate features in ultimate/out/artifacts/Kotlin folder. And then you can move/copy/symlink ultimate/out/artifacts/Kotlin to the IDEA config: config/plugins/Kotlin.