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* published by the Free Software Foundation. Oracle designates this
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#include <stdio.h>
#include "splashscreen.h"
extern void* SplashProcAddress(const char* name); /* in java_md.c */
* Prototypes of pointers to functions in splashscreen shared lib
typedef int (*SplashLoadMemory_t)(void* pdata, int size);
typedef int (*SplashLoadFile_t)(const char* filename);
typedef void (*SplashInit_t)(void);
typedef void (*SplashClose_t)(void);
typedef void (*SplashSetFileJarName_t)(const char* fileName,
const char* jarName);
typedef void (*SplashSetScaleFactor_t)(float scaleFactor);
typedef char* (*SplashGetScaledImageName_t)(const char* fileName,
const char* jarName, float* scaleFactor);
* This macro invokes a function from the shared lib.
* it locates a function with SplashProcAddress on demand.
* if SplashProcAddress fails, def value is returned.
* it is further wrapped with INVOKEV (works with functions which return
* void and INVOKE (for all other functions). INVOKEV looks a bit ugly,
* that's due being unable to return a value of type void in C. INVOKEV
* works around this by using semicolon instead of return operator.
#define _INVOKE(name,def,ret) \
static void* proc = NULL; \
if (!proc) { proc = SplashProcAddress(#name); } \
if (!proc) { return def; } \
ret ((name##_t)proc)
#define INVOKE(name,def) _INVOKE(name,def,return)
#define INVOKEV(name) _INVOKE(name, ,;)
int DoSplashLoadMemory(void* pdata, int size) {
INVOKE(SplashLoadMemory, NULL)(pdata, size);
int DoSplashLoadFile(const char* filename) {
INVOKE(SplashLoadFile, NULL)(filename);
void DoSplashInit(void) {
void DoSplashClose(void) {
void DoSplashSetFileJarName(const char* fileName, const char* jarName) {
INVOKEV(SplashSetFileJarName)(fileName, jarName);
void DoSplashSetScaleFactor(float scaleFactor) {
char* DoSplashGetScaledImageName(const char* fileName, const char* jarName,
float* scaleFactor) {
INVOKE(SplashGetScaledImageName, NULL)(fileName, jarName, scaleFactor);