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#import "SurfaceData.h"
#import "BufImgSurfaceData.h"
#import "AWTFont.h"
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
// these flags are not defined on Tiger on PPC, so we need to make them a no-op
#if !defined(kCGBitmapByteOrder32Host)
#define kCGBitmapByteOrder32Host 0
#if !defined(kCGBitmapByteOrder16Host)
#define kCGBitmapByteOrder16Host 0
// NOTE : Modify the printSurfaceDataDiagnostics API if you change this enum
enum SDRenderType
typedef enum SDRenderType SDRenderType;
struct _stateShadingInfo
CGPoint start;
CGPoint end;
CGFloat colors[8];
BOOL cyclic;
CGFloat length; // of the total segment (used by the cyclic gradient)
CGFloat period; // of the cycle (used by the cyclic gradient)
CGFloat offset; // of the cycle from the start (used by the cyclic gradient)
typedef struct _stateShadingInfo StateShadingInfo;
struct _stateGradientInfo
CGPoint start;
CGPoint end;
CGFloat radius;
CGFloat* colordata;
CGFloat* fractionsdata;
jint fractionsLength;
typedef struct _stateGradientInfo StateGradientInfo;
struct _statePatternInfo
CGFloat tx;
CGFloat ty;
CGFloat sx;
CGFloat sy;
jint width;
jint height;
jobject sdata;
typedef struct _statePatternInfo StatePatternInfo;
struct _stateGraphicsInfo
BOOL adjustedLineWidth;
BOOL adjustedAntialias;
BOOL antialiased;
jint interpolation;
BOOL simpleColor;
BOOL simpleStroke;
CGAffineTransform ctm;
CGFloat offsetX;
CGFloat offsetY;
struct CGPoint* batchedLines;
UInt32 batchedLinesCount;
typedef struct _stateGraphicsInfo StateGraphicsInfo;
typedef struct _QuartzSDOps QuartzSDOps;
typedef void BeginContextFunc(JNIEnv *env, QuartzSDOps *qsdo, SDRenderType renderType);
typedef void FinishContextFunc(JNIEnv *env, QuartzSDOps *qsdo);
struct _QuartzSDOps
BufImgSDOps sdo; // must be the first entry!
BeginContextFunc* BeginSurface; // used to set graphics states (clip, color, stroke, etc...)
FinishContextFunc* FinishSurface; // used to finish drawing primitives
BOOL newContext;
CGContextRef cgRef;
jint* javaGraphicsStates;
jobject javaGraphicsStatesObjects;
SDRenderType renderType;
// rdar://problem/5214320
// Gradient/Texture fills of Java GeneralPath don't respect the even odd winding rule (quartz pipeline).
BOOL isEvenOddFill; // Tracks whether the original render type passed into
// SetUpCGContext(...) is SD_EOFILL.
// The reason for this field is because SetUpCGContext(...) can
// change the render type after calling SetUpPaint(...), and right
// after that, the possibly new render type is then assigned into
// qsdo->renderType. Sigh!!!
// This field is potentially used within CompleteCGContext(...) or
// its callees.
StateShadingInfo* shadingInfo; // tracks shading and its parameters
StateGradientInfo* gradientInfo; // tracks gradient and its parameters
StatePatternInfo* patternInfo; // tracks pattern and its parameters
StateGraphicsInfo graphicsStateInfo; // tracks other graphics state
BOOL syncContentsToLayer; // should changed pixels be synced to a CALayer
CGRect updateRect; // used by the layer synchronization code to track update rects.
void SetUpCGContext(JNIEnv *env, QuartzSDOps *qsdo, SDRenderType renderType);
SDRenderType DoShapeUsingCG(CGContextRef cgRef, jint *types, jfloat *coords, jint numtypes, BOOL fill, CGFloat offsetX, CGFloat offsetY);
SDRenderType SetUpPaint(JNIEnv *env, QuartzSDOps *qsdo, SDRenderType renderType);
void CompleteCGContext(JNIEnv *env, QuartzSDOps *qsdo);
NSColor* ByteParametersToNSColor(JNIEnv* env, jint *javaGraphicsStates, NSColor* defColor);
} @catch(NSException *localException) { \
qsdo->FinishSurface(env, qsdo); \
[JNFException throwToJava:env exception:localException]; \
} \
if (_token) JNFNativeMethodExit(_token); \