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#import <AppKit/AppKit.h>
#import "jni.h"
@interface CClipboard : NSObject {
jobject fClipboardOwner;
// Track pasteboard changes. Initialized once at the start, and then updated
// on an application resume event. If it's different than the last time we claimed
// the clipboard that means we lost the clipboard to someone else.
NSInteger fChangeCount;
+ (CClipboard *) sharedClipboard;
- (void) javaDeclareTypes:(NSArray *)inTypes withOwner:(jobject)inClipboard jniEnv:(JNIEnv *)inEnv;
- (void) javaSetData:(NSData *)inData forType:(NSString *) inFormat;
- (NSArray *) javaGetTypes;
- (NSData *) javaGetDataForType:(NSString *)inFormat;