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package @(BeanPackageName);
import java.beans.BeanDescriptor;
import java.beans.PropertyDescriptor;
import java.awt.Image;
import sun.swing.BeanInfoUtils;
* Descriptive information about the @(BeanClassName) class for Java
* Beans application builders. This BeanInfo class provides descriptions
* of each property, of the bean itself, it indicates which
* @(BeanClassName) properties are bound, and it provides other
* information and icons useful to builders.
* @author Auto-Generated Source Code
public class @(BeanClassName)BeanInfo extends javax.swing.SwingBeanInfoBase {
private static final Class class@(BeanClassName) = @(BeanClassObject);
* @return a @(BeanClassName) BeanDescriptor
public BeanDescriptor getBeanDescriptor() {
return BeanInfoUtils.createBeanDescriptor(class@(BeanClassName),
new Object[] {
BeanInfoUtils.PREFERRED, Boolean.TRUE,
BeanInfoUtils.SHORTDESCRIPTION, "@(BeanDescription)"
* Create a @(BeanClassName) PropertyDescriptor. This is just an internal
* convenience method that allows one to leave the @(BeanClassName).class
* argument out of the createPropertyDescriptor() class in the
* getPropertyDescriptors() method below.
* @param name the name of the property
* @param args an array java.beans.PropertyDescriptor property names and values
* @return a @(BeanClassName) PropertyDescriptor.
* @see BeanInfoUtils#createPropertyDescriptor
private PropertyDescriptor createPropertyDescriptor(String name, Object[] args) {
return BeanInfoUtils.createPropertyDescriptor(class@(BeanClassName), name, args);
* This method returns a list of bean PropertyDescriptors, one for each public
* property in @(BeanClassName). The first property is the "default" property.
* @return a complete list of bean PropertyDescriptors for @(BeanClassName)
* @see SwingBeanInfo
* @see java.beans.BeanInfo#getDefaultPropertyIndex
public PropertyDescriptor[] getPropertyDescriptors() {
return new PropertyDescriptor[] {
* @return an icon of the specified kind for @(BeanClassName)
public Image getIcon(final int kind) {
Image i;
switch (kind){
case ICON_COLOR_32x32:
i = loadStandardImage("beaninfo/images/@(BeanClassName)Color32.gif");
return ((i == null) ? loadStandardImage("beaninfo/images/JComponentColor32.gif") : i);
case ICON_COLOR_16x16:
i = loadStandardImage("beaninfo/images/@(BeanClassName)Color16.gif");
return ((i == null) ? loadStandardImage("beaninfo/images/JComponentColor16.gif") : i);
case ICON_MONO_32x32:
i = loadStandardImage("beaninfo/images/@(BeanClassName)Mono32.gif");
return ((i == null) ? loadStandardImage("beaninfo/images/JComponentMono32.gif") : i);
case ICON_MONO_16x16:
i = loadStandardImage("beaninfo/images/@(BeanClassName)Mono16.gif");
return ((i == null) ? loadStandardImage("beaninfo/images/JComponentMono16.gif") : i);
return super.getIcon(kind);
* This is a utility method to help in loading standard icon images.
* @param resourceName A pathname relative to the directory holding the
* class file of the current class
* @return an image object. May be null if the load failed.
* @see java.beans.SimpleBeanInfo#loadImage(String)
private Image loadStandardImage(final String resourceName) {
(<Image>) () -> loadImage(resourceName));