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This file should be located at the top of the jdk Mercurial repository.
See for more information about the OpenJDK.
Simple Build Instructions:
1. Download and install a JDK 6 from
Set the environment variable ALT_BOOTDIR to the location of this JDK 6.
2. Either download and install the latest JDK7 from, or build your own complete
OpenJDK7 by using the top level Makefile in the OpenJDK Mercurial forest.
Set the environment variable ALT_JDK_IMPORT_PATH to the location of
this latest JDK7 or OpenJDK7 build.
3. Check the sanity of doing a build with the current machine:
cd make && gnumake sanity
See README-builds.html if you run into problems.
4. Do a partial build of the jdk:
cd make && gnumake all
5. Construct the images:
cd make && gnumake images
The resulting JDK image should be found in build/*/j2sdk-image