Merge pull request #5 from bell-sw/update_8u242

jdk8u242 update
diff --git a/.hgtags b/.hgtags
index 8749533..8473178 100644
--- a/.hgtags
+++ b/.hgtags
@@ -1023,3 +1023,12 @@
 764618a906e860888dc1fae5212d43be7abac4af jdk8u232-b08
 6f9c0c731ab72a0f6e4085a0db9594e891de5e4f jdk8u232-b09
 6f9c0c731ab72a0f6e4085a0db9594e891de5e4f jdk8u232-ga
+6e9f5f2c620ae1a481aa8198d0507c3857bc6d42 jdk8u242-b01
+91cff4cef2095bbc8af71dec6357d6eb5524e0ce jdk8u242-b02
+616095b698d1c1c9a8c8a3517735be30be443207 jdk8u242-b03
+2199192fb5ecf001bfd3f3ad2fd5ae09ef7e3073 jdk8u242-b04
+81838c6f30bc08546c3cc9941583da81ed6dadb1 jdk8u242-b05
+77787fb589bb938de5cdf1462dee166cd6cd2722 jdk8u242-b06
+8bddae4d0a3d727b1f254ec8932fb2e505fd01de jdk8u242-b07
+eac8e0f4e575f35d0266340575d79f1102ef0502 jdk8u242-b08
+eac8e0f4e575f35d0266340575d79f1102ef0502 jdk8u242-ga
index 7dc54a0..643ea79 100644
@@ -1334,11 +1334,13 @@
-%% This notice is provided with respect to Joni v1.1.9, which may be 
+%% This notice is provided with respect to Joni v2.1.16, which may be
 included with JRE 8, JDK 8, and OpenJDK 8.
 --- begin of LICENSE ---
+Copyright (c) 2017 JRuby Team
 Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy
 of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal
 in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights