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  1. a482fc0 Merge tag jb8u152-b1248.8 by Dana Dahlstrom · 4 months ago master
  2. a051c3d JRE-718 Support VS2013 in JBRE build by Alexey Ushakov · 8 months ago jetbrains-master-mirror jb8u152-b1216 jb8u152-b1217 jb8u152-b1218 jb8u152-b1219 jb8u152-b1220 jb8u152-b1221 jb8u152-b1224 jb8u152-b1226 jb8u152-b1226.1 jb8u152-b1226.10 jb8u152-b1226.2 jb8u152-b1226.3 jb8u152-b1226.6 jb8u152-b1226.7 jb8u152-b1226.8 jb8u152-b1226.9 jb8u152-b1227 jb8u152-b1228 jb8u152-b1229 jb8u152-b1231 jb8u152-b1232 jb8u152-b1233 jb8u152-b1234 jb8u152-b1235 jb8u152-b1236 jb8u152-b1237 jb8u152-b1238 jb8u152-b1239 jb8u152-b1239.1 jb8u152-b1239.2 jb8u152-b1239.3 jb8u152-b1248 jb8u152-b1248.1 jb8u152-b1248.14 jb8u152-b1248.15 jb8u152-b1248.16 jb8u152-b1248.17 jb8u152-b1248.18 jb8u152-b1248.19 jb8u152-b1248.20 jb8u152-b1248.21 jb8u152-b1248.22 jb8u152-b1248.3 jb8u152-b1248.4 jb8u152-b1248.5 jb8u152-b1248.6 jb8u152-b1248.7 jb8u152-b1248.8 jb8u152-b1248.9 jb8u152-b1250 jb8u152-b1251 jb8u152-b1253 jb8u152-b1261 jb8u152-b1262 jb8u152-b1263 jb8u152-b1265 jb8u152-b1267 jb8u152-b1268 jb8u152-b1276 jb8u152-b1278 jb8u152-b1279 jb8u152-b1281 jb8u152-b1282 jb8u152-b1282.2 jb8u152-b1284 jb8u152-b1285 jb8u152-b1286 jb8u152-b1289 jb8u152-b1290 jb8u152-b1290.3 jb8u152-b1291 jb8u152-b1292 jb8u152-b1293 jb8u152-b1293.1 jb8u152-b1293.10 jb8u152-b1293.11 jb8u152-b1293.12 jb8u152-b1293.13 jb8u152-b1293.14 jb8u152-b1293.2 jb8u152-b1293.3 jb8u152-b1298 jb8u152-b1299 jb8u152-b1314 jb8u152-b1315 jb8u152-b1320 jb8u152-b1322 jb8u152-b1323 jb8u152-b1327 jb8u152-b1331
  3. 9a09cac JRE-666 Compilation failure in hotspot on ubuntu 17.10 by Alexey Ushakov · 10 months ago jb8u152-b1174 jb8u152-b1175 jb8u152-b1176 jb8u152-b1177 jb8u152-b1178 jb8u152-b1179 jb8u152-b1180 jb8u152-b1181 jb8u152-b1182 jb8u152-b1183 jb8u152-b1184 jb8u152-b1185 jb8u152-b1189 jb8u152-b1190 jb8u152-b1191 jb8u152-b1194 jb8u152-b1194.1 jb8u152-b1194.2 jb8u152-b1194.3 jb8u152-b1194.4 jb8u152-b1194.5 jb8u152-b1194.6 jb8u152-b1194.7 jb8u152-b1195 jb8u152-b1196 jb8u152-b1197 jb8u152-b1198 jb8u152-b1199 jb8u152-b1200 jb8u152-b1202 jb8u152-b1204 jb8u152-b1206 jb8u152-b1207 jb8u152-b1208 jb8u152-b1209 jb8u152-b1210 jb8u152-b1211 jb8u152-b1211.1 jb8u152-b1211.2 jb8u152-b1211.3 jb8u152-b1211.4 jb8u152-b1211.5 jb8u152-b1212 jb8u152-b1213 jb8u152-b1214 jb8u152-b1215
  4. 38469b8 Merge jetbrains-master-mirror into studio-master-dev by Raluca Sauciuc · 11 months ago
  5. 74fc407 JRE-483 JBSDK does not compile with Xcode 9 by Alexey Ushakov · 1 year, 1 month ago jb8u152-b1061 jb8u152-b1062 jb8u152-b1063 jb8u152-b1064 jb8u152-b1068 jb8u152-b1069 jb8u152-b1070 jb8u152-b1071 jb8u152-b1072 jb8u152-b1073 jb8u152-b1077 jb8u152-b1078 jb8u152-b1079 jb8u152-b1081 jb8u152-b1082 jb8u152-b1085 jb8u152-b1087 jb8u152-b1088 jb8u152-b1091 jb8u152-b1094 jb8u152-b1099 jb8u152-b1100 jb8u152-b1101 jb8u152-b1102 jb8u152-b1102.2 jb8u152-b1102.3 jb8u152-b1103 jb8u152-b1104 jb8u152-b1105 jb8u152-b1109 jb8u152-b1110 jb8u152-b1111 jb8u152-b1112 jb8u152-b1113 jb8u152-b1114 jb8u152-b1115 jb8u152-b1117 jb8u152-b1118 jb8u152-b1119.1 jb8u152-b1119.2 jb8u152-b1119.3 jb8u152-b1119.4 jb8u152-b1120 jb8u152-b1121 jb8u152-b1123 jb8u152-b1124 jb8u152-b1125 jb8u152-b1126 jb8u152-b1127 jb8u152-b1128 jb8u152-b1129 jb8u152-b1132 jb8u152-b1133 jb8u152-b1134 jb8u152-b1135 jb8u152-b1136 jb8u152-b1136.1 jb8u152-b1136.10 jb8u152-b1136.11 jb8u152-b1136.12 jb8u152-b1136.13 jb8u152-b1136.14 jb8u152-b1136.15 jb8u152-b1136.16 jb8u152-b1136.17 jb8u152-b1136.18 jb8u152-b1136.19 jb8u152-b1136.2 jb8u152-b1136.20 jb8u152-b1136.21 jb8u152-b1136.22 jb8u152-b1136.23 jb8u152-b1136.26 jb8u152-b1136.27 jb8u152-b1136.28 jb8u152-b1136.29 jb8u152-b1136.3 jb8u152-b1136.32 jb8u152-b1136.33 jb8u152-b1136.34 jb8u152-b1136.35 jb8u152-b1136.36 jb8u152-b1136.37 jb8u152-b1136.38 jb8u152-b1136.39 jb8u152-b1136.4 jb8u152-b1136.43 jb8u152-b1136.5 jb8u152-b1136.6 jb8u152-b1136.7 jb8u152-b1136.8 jb8u152-b1136.9 jb8u152-b1137 jb8u152-b1138 jb8u152-b1139 jb8u152-b1140 jb8u152-b1141 jb8u152-b1142 jb8u152-b1143 jb8u152-b1144 jb8u152-b1145 jb8u152-b1146 jb8u152-b1147 jb8u152-b1150 jb8u152-b1151 jb8u152-b1152 jb8u152-b1153 jb8u152-b1153.1 jb8u152-b1153.2 jb8u152-b1153.3 jb8u152-b1153.4 jb8u152-b1153.5 jb8u152-b1153.6 jb8u152-b1153.7 jb8u152-b1154 jb8u152-b1156 jb8u152-b1157 jb8u152-b1160 jb8u152-b1161 jb8u152-b1162 jb8u152-b1163 jb8u152-b1164 jb8u152-b1165 jb8u152-b1166 jb8u152-b1167 jb8u152-b1169 jb8u152-b1170 jb8u152-b1171 jb8u152-b1172
  6. 9c81529 JRE-483 JBSDK does not compile with Xcode 9 by Alexey Ushakov · 1 year, 1 month ago
  7. d6ca565 Added tag jdk8u162-b01 for changeset 92693f9dd704 by asaha · 1 year, 2 months ago jb8u152-b1039 jb8u152-b1041 jb8u152-b1042 jb8u152-b1043 jb8u152-b1044 jb8u152-b1045 jb8u152-b1046 jb8u152-b1047 jb8u152-b1048 jb8u152-b1049 jb8u152-b1051 jb8u152-b1054 jb8u152-b1056 jb8u152-b1056.10 jb8u152-b1056.11 jb8u152-b1056.12 jb8u152-b1056.13 jb8u152-b1056.8 jb8u152-b1056.9 jb8u152-b1057 jb8u152-b1058 jb8u152-b1059
  8. 93d341a 8177026: jvm.dll file version not updated since 8u72 Reviewed-by: ihse by kevinw · 1 year, 3 months ago
  9. 815612e 8023667: SA: ExceptionBlob and other C2 classes not available in client VM by dbuck · 1 year, 3 months ago
  10. d1fadf3 8166742: SIGFPE in C2 Loop IV elimination Reviewed-by: kvn by dbuck · 1 year, 3 months ago
  11. e29b31a 8072428: Enable UseLoopCounter ergonomically if on-stack-replacement is enabled by dbuck · 1 year, 3 months ago
  12. 215aa5e 8148786: xml.tranform fails on x86-64 by shshahma · 1 year, 3 months ago
  13. 8f02c1f 8180855: Null pointer dereference in OopMapSet::all_do of oopMap.cpp:394 by shshahma · 1 year, 4 months ago
  14. f74edb4 6656031: SA: jmap -permstat number of classes is off by 1 by dbuck · 1 year, 4 months ago
  15. acf5427 6651256: jstack: DeleteGlobalRef method call doesn't lead to descreasing of global refs count shown by jstack by dbuck · 1 year, 4 months ago
  16. 557be73 8172751: OSR compilation at unreachable bci causes C1 crash by dbuck · 1 year, 4 months ago
  17. def08cb 8185572: Enable AssumeMP by default on SPARC machines by poonam · 1 year, 4 months ago
  18. e61135d 8185164: GetOwnedMonitorInfo() returns incorrect owned monitor by dbuck · 1 year, 4 months ago
  19. bf6a5ce 8073670: TypeF::eq and TypeD::eq do not handle NaNs correctly by dbuck · 1 year, 4 months ago
  20. 83aefef 8184009: Missing null pointer check in InterpreterRuntime::update_mdp_for_ret() by thartmann · 1 year, 5 months ago