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This is an annotation based parameter parsing framework for Java 8.
Here is a quick example:
public class JCommanderTest {
public List<String> parameters = Lists.newArrayList();
@Parameter(names = { "-log", "-verbose" }, description = "Level of verbosity")
public Integer verbose = 1;
@Parameter(names = "-groups", description = "Comma-separated list of group names to be run")
public String groups;
@Parameter(names = "-debug", description = "Debug mode")
public boolean debug = false;
@DynamicParameter(names = "-D", description = "Dynamic parameters go here")
public Map<String, String> dynamicParams = new HashMap<String, String>();
and how you use it:
JCommanderTest jct = new JCommanderTest();
String[] argv = { "-log", "2", "-groups", "unit1,unit2,unit3",
"-debug", "-Doption=value", "a", "b", "c" };
new JCommander(jct, argv);
Assert.assertEquals(2, jct.verbose.intValue());
Assert.assertEquals("unit1,unit2,unit3", jct.groups);
Assert.assertEquals(true, jct.debug);
Assert.assertEquals("value", jct.dynamicParams.get("option"));
Assert.assertEquals(Arrays.asList("a", "b", "c"), jct.parameters);
The full doc is available at [](
## Building JCommander
./kobaltw assemble