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This module matches at a limited rate using a token bucket filter.
A rule using this extension will match until this limit is reached.
It can be used in combination with the
target to give limited logging, for example.
xt_limit has no negation support - you will have to use \-m hashlimit !
\-\-hashlimit \fIrate\fP in this case whilst omitting \-\-hashlimit\-mode.
\fB\-\-limit\fP \fIrate\fP[\fB/second\fP|\fB/minute\fP|\fB/hour\fP|\fB/day\fP]
Maximum average matching rate: specified as a number, with an optional
`/second', `/minute', `/hour', or `/day' suffix; the default is
\fB\-\-limit\-burst\fP \fInumber\fP
Maximum initial number of packets to match: this number gets
recharged by one every time the limit specified above is not reached,
up to this number; the default is 5.